Universal Cleaner Sex Toy Cleaning Spray 128mL

This highly effective sex toy cleaner is both more stealth than other brands as it only mentions ‘toys’ and not sex while at the same time a premium high-quality bacteria eliminator with the power of triclosan…

  • Odourless and nongreasy

  • Fights bacteria and keeps you safe

  • Universal toy cleaner 128 mL bottle

  • Use safely on all your sex toys




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This highly effective sex toy cleaner is both more stealth than other brands as it only mentions ‘toys’ and not sex while at the same time a premium high-quality bacteria eliminator with the power of triclosan. 

You can expect the same luxurious standards as from Calexotics sex toys. It is truly a powerful cleaner and bacteria and germ remover. It will kill 99.9% of all bacteria and has healthy germ destroying powers. It is very gentle on the nose being unscented and although skin friendly it is not a body cleaner and only to be sprayed onto your sex toys. Use a natural body wash or hand soap to clean yourself up in the shower as usual or buy one of our purpose made body antibacterial cleaning sprays for cleaning your body and skin.

You want cleaning to be as fast and hassle-free as possible and with this cleaning aid, you get precisely that at a fantastic price to boot. The slightly discreet bottle design means even if someone sees this bottle all it says is “Toy Cleaner” which is a refreshing change to the other brands of antibacterial cleaning sprays that say “Sex Toy Cleaner”. Calexotics has once again delivered in line with their high-quality standard visible across all of Calexotics products. This intense on germs but gentle on toys formulation has active anti-microbial agents that remove 99.9% of germs and bacteria for total peace of mind — killing bacteria, fungus, mould, mildew and viruses with ease.

Recommended Use

  • Just spritz the sex toys surface with several pumps of the cleaning agent, after rinsing with warm water.
  • Let the spray do its antibacterial cleaning for a few minutes. 
  • Rinse thoroughly with warm water before patting your toy dry with a lint-free cloth, towel or for best results let it air dry naturally.

Suitable for use on toys made of

  • Plastic
  • Silicone
  • Rubber
  • Latex



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Antibacterial sex toy cleaner






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Key Features
  • Kills mould, mildew, fungus, bacteria and viruses
  • Strong and reliable formula with triclosan which kills bacteria
  • Calexotics premium quality antibacterial sex toy cleaning spray
  • Convenient 128 mL pump action misting spray bottle
  • Easy to use just pre-rinse toys, spray on, leave on, rinse off
  • Enjoy peace of mind when cleaning your vibrators, butt plugs or any other toy
  • Compatible and safe to use on all sex toys made of plastic, silicone, rubber and latex

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  • 128mL Spray Bottle
  • Contains triclosan which fights bacteria
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