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TENGA Flip Hole Masturbator for Men

I believe you’ll agree with me when I say…



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I believe you’ll agree with me when I say…

Four uniquely internally structured and textured models, the TENGA Flip Hole series of 4 fantastic male masturbators is the best yet from TENGA. This non-electronic device is all about ingenious design and innovative pressure regulation that allows this masturbator to build vacuum via the favorite release valve system which is the driving force behind its suction power and incredible orgasmic feeling. 


I can’t emphasize enough:

If you have been on the search for one of the best masturbation cup experiences, then you most definitely should give the Tenga Flip Hole a try. On top of all the exuberantly vibrant and impactful feelings, it provides the user, it does not need batteries or recharging and is 100% electronics free yet the vacuum hole button system works incredibly well in creating a pressure system that sucks, pulls and arouses in some pretty impressive ways. There is a reason it’s the #1 most loved sex toy in Japan and so crazy popular around the whole world.




I know what you might be thinking:

“…well I just prefer an electronic device that vibrates and or sucks.”


That’s a fair call to make. I mean we all know the power of something vibrating electronically to be very good at getting an orgasm happening and I think this point is on many of our minds…


Alternatively, is it though?

Well, it turns out, that yes, vibrations are a nice feature to have and hence why Tenga has released another new version similar to the Flip-Hole. Just with added waves of vibration (electronically).


However, consider the price difference. The vibration models have doubled in the price of this device. So yes, you can have vibrations and i am sure they will be exciting when we review them – but the price is indeed something you should consider also.


If the price is irrelevant to you and you want to the best of the best. I would lean towards you being better off buying from Friller the Flip-Hole-Vibrations model. If otherwise, then this is a really cool and attractive sex toy you are sure to enjoy.



Four Types of The Flip Hole…


1. Original White

This popular option is the original. Designed to please the flip hole series is non-anatomical (not created after the anatomy of a vagina) and purely designed for maximum pleasure and stunning orgasms. The original white is smooth soft and unique.

Like all of the versions of the flip-hole, they are unique and designed by the astute engineers at Tenga for the most incredible sensations and are all very popular, in particular, the original white is a very well selling of this quartet. We, however, suspect that this white option is the one designed to be somewhat similar to the female vagina. 


2. Tight Black

One of a kind tightly shaft swallowing and gripping “tight black” is made to feel tighter than the others which in a way is a little like rear entry. Yet don’t be confused that it doesn’t feel like an anus because like we mentioned above, they are non-anatomical (not simulating the human body, ie, anus) and thus are just vaguely related 


3. Satin Soft Silver

Silky soft satin makes this FH one stylish looking masturbator. With its own uniquely crafted internal structure it is another one you should try. 


4. Ridged Red

Strong and robust feeling of tucking and sucking. The Ridged Red is an intense experience that will make you come in next to no time. If you like a rougher firmer feel, then this one of a kind sexual experience is for you.




Use Tenga Hole Lotion for the best experience and for the device to be fully compatible with the lube. Other lubes may or may not be consistent and Tenga won’t accept warranty on mistreated Tenga products. 




You can easily wash the Tenga flip hole…

  • 1. Removing the cap on its side and flip open the device.
  • 2. Wash it under warm, mild soapy water.
  • 3. Leave to air dry on its side before replacing the cap and storing away.

Keep in mind that using silicone lubes and oils or cleaning with harsh soaps voids the warranty. 



A small bubble to note…

The tiny bubble next to the first button is for helping with internal expansion and will not pop when in use.




  • Insertion Depth: Approx. 15cm
  • Insertion Width: Approx. 4.5cm

Black, Red, Silver, White


Male Masturbator


Original, Ridged, Satin Smooth, Tight Fitting




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