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The Complete Guide to Buying Women Lingerie offers you the largest and most complete resource on the internet

This guide is about more than just "how to select and buy lingerie for women". If you follow this guide and some of your intuition then buying them for your wife or significant other could persuade her to become putty in your hands. At the very least it will keep her happy so you can spend a few extra hours sinking some cold ones with the lads! When buying her sexy lingerie, if you prefer to shop online rather than visit lots of different local stores, Friller offers a vast range of lingerie and sex toys direct to your door from our Adelaide South Australia sex toy & lingerie warehouse to suit all tastes and budgets.





One of those things that look easy peasy, yeah! We all know them!


But wait a minute!!

There is much more going on here than meets the eye...

Lingerie, is one of those things that is rather easy to buy for oneself since you know what you want and like.however, can be a nightmare to purchase for someone else such as your girlfriend or partner, whose precise taste and style can often be convoluted and confusing to nail the first time.



There are a plethora of guides out on the web. So why this guide? 

The reason we made this guide is to be the guide. We want to be the only is the most significant most complete resource with this very article, period.



This guide is not some pop culture cheesy standard article about double quote walk into the shop… 

Do this… 

Go there…. 


This guide will instead teach you when it comes down to it, how to achieve seeing that satisfied, happy, big and joyful smile on your girlfriend, wife or sex partner's face when she opens that bag all wrapped little present with goodies for her inside that you bought her out of your own accord and without ruining the surprise for her by being captain obvious. Women like it when a man can make a big entrance with touching, sweet and completely unexpected true surprises for her. I MEAN, WOMEN REALLY REALLY LOVE THAT!!
Those types of surprises are where you want to get to with her and should be one of your main subgoals - surprise her plentiful sweetly and nicely and she will show you much love in return. I know, it sounds certainly more straightforward than it is and will require to be honest a little bit of work from your part to meet.



This guide, will help you and teach you how to buy not just sexy-lingerie for her...

Whether for your girlfriend or wife or a female sexual partner you want to aim at a high level of accuracy here. Because we are talking clothing, and even in private women ALWAYS CARE A LOT on how they appear.

The secret to all of this which will come to you as no surprise is as with most things, good quality and in-depth preparation and observation.



Females can be challenging to read and assess

Actually, they can be impossible to asses - if you aren't recognising the subtle signs

Which goes especially for the lingerie department. What you might like one moment, or say that she might think XYZ looks nice can mean many things such as:


  • "I like the look of this piece of lingerie, on someone else just not on me."

  • "This piece of lingerie is something I wish would suit me, however most definitely doesn't."

  • "This piece looks good, however, is way too sexy and revealing for me." 

Or, it could just as well mean that yes, this piece of lingerie is the one you should buy for me, and is the one that I would wear, like to wear, and will wear.



Communication is vital as is the case with most things in life

As such, you will have to get her to talk to you openly and freely and do so without directly and bluntly asking do you like this, do you like that, will you wear this?


  • So the way to do this is by picking up the subtle and small signs she will give you telling you precisely what she thinks of this piece of lingerie, the style, the size, and what she wants and needs.


Ignoring these subtle little signs will be a big mistake that most men make..

Women are not about direct messages, they like to be subtle gentle, and for you to in some way shape or form figure out for yourself what she wants. There are This is because women desire a man who is interested in them, puts the asset into them and cares about them. Ultimately Cole: this whole game is about a females assessment of a man, for instinctively being suitable to look after her children raised, raise children, and be a man that will love, look after, and cherish her. So with all this information in mind, your quest to finding the perfect piece of lingerie will suddenly turn into you, becoming a better man in general. Learning how to buy laundry for women, will make you a better husband, sex partner, or boyfriend. The journey you are about to embark on will lead you into becoming and transforming, into a man that is highly desirable by women.



This is about lingerie? Huh? - Or is it?

So you see the journey to finding the perfect piece of lingerie for your girlfriend or wife or sex partner is a lot more than meets the eye. Because what men may indeed lack, is not the skill of reading a person, no. It's not really about what type of lingerie a woman would like per se, or how to go into a shop and buy underwear. The real underlying issue here is that most men, unfortunately, are unaware of the subtle small signs that women show every day. The good news is that you can change. You can always change! So it is never too late, you are never too much of a double quote man, you are never too old or young, to learn about women, their needs, and how to properly read the subtle and delicate signs they give to men every single day.



We at Friller, made this guide to help men in choosing the right piece of lingerie...


...but not only is this not a run-of-the-mill regular guide.



This guide is a complete and holistic approach to buying sexy-lingerie for women

  • To learn how to recognise what your female best friend desires

  • To learn how to improve your relationship and increase intimacy and closeness

  • To learn how to be as one - In a loving, nurturing and caring relationship 



It doesn't have to be a massive effort on your part...

Will Reading signs and being interested in your partner who is really at the heart of this guide is something that will grow your relationship into a strong, stable, and loving relationship. This guide will help you learn to read subtle signs she gives you on many things. Not just lingerie. We're talking here, about just about pretty much everything in life. Once you learn how to read her signs properly, you will see your relationship blossom and flourish. You can apply this to buying her a present for her birthday or even for Christmas. And at the same time, you can use this guide to ensure you are meeting our needs, respecting her wishes and wants, and gauging whether or not she is happy with you, your behaviour, and the relationship in general.



So first things first!

First, let's talk about the different types of lingerie for women. Because if we want to be showing interest in what our partner wants, lights, and desires. Then we firstly need to know what these "women's lingerie pieces are even called"  and some of the industry-specific terms and terminology that is commonplace within the lingerie industry.



At any time you can jump to any specific section to look up, already look up any of these main lingerie terms.



What you can expect to learn:

If you follow our tips for choosing sexy lingerie, then buying them for your wife or significant other could persuade her to become putty in your hands. At the very least it will keep her happy so you can spend a few extra hours sinking some cold ones with the lads! When buying her sexy lingerie, if you prefer to shop online rather than visit lots of different local stores, Friller offers a vast range of lingerie and sex toys direct to your door from our Adelaide South Australia sex toy & lingerie warehouse to suit all tastes and budgets.

women in lingerie happy and jumping









So you've decided to buy lingerie for your wife



Erotic images of nights full of unbridled passion filling your mind and then it hits you, this could be dangerous territory, as you know nothing of choosing lingerie for a woman's body type. Even worse, you already lucked out on her birthday, when you bought her that new steam oven you've always wanted, resulting in a short holiday on the couch! At this point, you realise you can't afford to choose the wrong piece of lingerie, or the couch situation could become a permanent fixture!



Don't worry; you're not the first guy who's ventured into the relatively uncharted waters of buying woman lingerie, which is why we've provided some valuable tips below that will ensure you'll be kicking goals in more ways than one!





Make sure to do the research



Before you head over to our fantastic lingerie section, it's important to do some research to find out what type of sexy underwear your wife likes. While you may feel a little creepy visiting your wife's underwear drawer, it's a great way to determine what styles of underwear she prefers. Check what cup size and bra size she is, whether she likes lingerie that's feminine and lacy or simple and sexy and also what colours she prefers. By doing the legwork early, it will save you having to be in stealth mode at the lingerie store later, dodging sales assistants while trying to find something she likes while doing your best not to appear too seedy fondling women's underwear!





Take into account a woman's body type



When it comes to sexy lingerie, size matters! It's vital to know whether your wife is small, medium, large, x-large or beyond. You also need to take into account her body type, such as whether she has an inverted triangle or hourglass figure and buy lingerie that draws attention to the assets she likes while hiding those that make her feel self-conscious.



Although you may have considered a gift of lingerie to be a thoughtful gesture, if your wife ends up looking vacuum packed like a Christmas turkey in underwear that's too tight or unflattering, the only other worst case scenario to put nails in your coffin is saying, "but it looked good on the Victoria's Secret Model". Remember, by choosing lingerie for a women's body type she'll feel sexy, and when she feels sexy, she'll also look hot and you'll score major Brownie Points.





Find out all the technical lingerie terms



While buying lingerie is often a brave and incredibly terrifying new world for a majority of the male population, if you learn some of the technical terms, it will become far more manageable. Here are some of the main words you need to know, as well as a description of what these mean.





Underwire Bra



Although it sounds like an army drill, underwire refers to a bra type that has a small wire running underneath the cup to provide shape and better support. An underwire is often recommended for women with a fuller bust or wants to accentuate her cleavage.





Soft Cup Bra


woman measuring bust

A soft cup is the opposite of an underwire, which is a bra without a wire that offers gentle support. Soft cup bras are more suited for women with small chests.





Demi Cup Bra



The Demi is a sexy bra style that has the top of the cup cut away to show more of the breast. A demi cup provides less coverage than a full cup bra.








A bustier is a type of bodice which is fixed from the bust to the waist or hip with hook and eye clips. It offers support and when cinched tightly, accentuates a women's curves. It's similar to a corset but generally doesn't provide as much coverage.




laying on back in sexy lingerie




When cinched, a corset gives a woman the flattering appearance of an hourglass figure, like a classic pinup girl. While it has similarities to a bustier, a corset is tighter and has stiffer boning, as well as lacing for closure.





Garter Belt



A garter belt or suspender belt, as it's otherwise known, is a thin belt with clasps on the front and back of each leg used to hold up stockings. Garter belts often come in lace or satin and look great to complement a corset.




measuring legs

Boy Shorts



Boy shorts are a low rise style of panty, which hug the hips and offers more coverage than a g-string.








The g-string is a panty with a small triangular front panel and back panel, which are connected by a thin string of fabric, leaving the cheeks of the buttocks exposed. If you are curious as to how the g-string became to be? Click here for a history on the g-string and its origins.



You're probably starting to feel overwhelmed with all of the terms discussed. There are just a couple more points you should keep close to your heart before you are going to become a pro at choosing lingerie for your wife!




bra top front

Colours to suit skin tone



When buying lingerie, while you might be attracted to a specific shade, such as red, it's essential to buy colours that will suit the skin tone of the wearer, for it to be flattering. If you're uncertain what colours to choose, you can always fall back on black.





Personal style



Although you may be picturing your wife in something sheer and seductive, with a plunging neckline or a minute triangle shaped bra that's more of a nipple cover than a support mechanism, it's essential to buy something that suits her style for her to feel comfortable wearing it. Whether this might be floral and flirty or dark and kinky, please pay attention to what she wears when she's wanting attention in the bedroom and select something similar!





Know your way around lingerie brands



All women have favourite lingerie brands, which suit their style and body shape. So knowing which brands your wife prefers is a no-brainer when deciding on what lingerie to buy, as you have less chance of making a mistake.




undressing in sexy new lingerie in front of her partner

Now it's over to you



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