How Arousing Gels and Sprays Enhance your Big O

Strong Clitoral Climax

Stimulation of the clitoris to create an "Oh My!" big-O is no doubt something you've tried or heard of before. The problem most women face these days is the mixture of busy lifestyle and high levels of stress are less than ideal to reach such an orgasm.


Unsatisfying Orgasms

You know the normal "forced" orgasm. Yes. Its the one that you push out by holding a vibrator on your clitoris or have fast hard sex to get off quickly. We all know how this type of "O" comes way to fast and is over before you can gain your senses back to realise how unsatisfying it was in a way.


What We Really Want

We all love the climax that gets built up slowly and gets all the necessary chemicals in the body ready and is like filling up a big bucket of satisfaction. Then when your bucket is full, it is an intense rush throughout your entire body. Opposed to forcing your orgasm which is like an empty bucket of satisfaction that when emptied onto your body produces nothing more than a quick taste of satisfaction leaving you rather unhappy and a bit pissed off afterwards.



You might ask yourself:

How does this all relate to gels and sprays?

Arousing and stimulating gels and sprays all work on the same basis. They increase the sensitivity of the clitoris and vaginal area by stimulating blood flow and adding sensations like cooling from menthol and tingling sensations from other harmless compounds.



More than meets the eye

It feeds with every touch and vibration a much greater flow of nerve stimulus to the brain and this causes the brain to think you are being stimulated much greater and "fills your satisfaction bucket" much faster. Your orgasms end up feeling much more satisfying and make you happier leading to a more fulfilling sex life over time.



Common Misconceptions

It's easy to think you don't need stimulating sprays or lubricants as "I get my orgasm fast enough already" or "I don't need lube as my natural lubrication is plenty." A common misconception is that those are the reasons that these products exist. Everyone who tries these products once comes back for more and the reason is that these little tools make anyone's orgasm and satisfaction greater. No matter the age or stage you are in at life.



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