Vibrating Eggs

Vibrating eggs or aka Egg Vibrators. Are a great way to pleasure yourself or play with a partner or lover’s body with playing a sexy game of intense foreplay for super-explosive orgasmic eruptions at the finale. Find out more with our Egg Vibrators Guide.

Egg Vibrators Guide

Guide to Egg Vibrators

Vibrating eggs to make you cock-a-doodle-do. Get laid with these egg-ceptional portable pussy products.

How To Use Egg Vibes?

Use them pretty much anywhere on your body from vulva, vagina and clitoris to g-spot, boobs and anal.

Eggs and Bullets

Vibrating eggs are an upgrade or evolution of the classic bullet vibrator. The eggs are girthier and vibrate with much higher intensity than any bullet vibe does.

A step up from the much-loved and always popular bullet vibrators.

How Do They Feel?

To those of you who have tried one before, you will know what we are talking about when we say: You want one!

Buy An Egg Vibrator… You Can Thank Us Later!

Eggs are deep and powerfully rumbling vibrating little things. These vibrators are guaranteed to get you off and give you mind-blowing, powerful climax release. It doesn’t matter how or where you use them. They will stimulate you – real good.

These pulsating devices held up against your clitoris, for example, will result in very powerful orgasms that are loads of fun. There is much happiness to be gained by using these love eggs.

Vibe Eggs and Your Pelvic Floor

Love eggs (aka Egg Vibrators, Vibrating Eggs). Give your pelvic floor muscles (aka PC muscles). An exhilarating orgasmic workout. That can, at the end of your workout, turn into easy orgasms. By only ramping up vibrating intensity towards the end of your session.

Similar to Ben Wa Balls. These egg-shapes vibes assist in strengthening your pelvic floor by causing your vagina to contract over and over again, resulting in stronger and healthier pelvic floor muscles over time. A stronger pelvic will give you many health benefits such as improved continence and stronger, more intense orgasms during sex and masturbation.

Friller Vibrating Eggs Range

Our vibe egg collection includes many different models. Some of which are remotely controllable and wired and others are entirely wireless and include an App or wireless remote control. Select the model that best helps you have an enjoyable and relaxed time.

Each product has a list of key features which will quickly tell you each devices highlights and most significant advantages. So you can instantly see if a product will help you reach your primary goal or not.

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