Our most popular and an all-time favourite toy amongst women is the rabbit vibrator

Maybe its because bunny rabbits are so damn cute? Alternatively, maybe its because they most closely resemble the real penis? I believe they get you to that happy orgasm fuss-free which is the ultimate point (no rabbit hutch required haha :D ) and having those "oh so nice!" rabbit ears vibrating and pleasuring the clitoris while the shaft stimulates the g-spot inside your vagina makes for an all-around fabulous feeling you just can't beat.


However, wait, there are different rabbit vibrators?

Yes! Many. Similar in its basic shape and function on the outside, features like the vibration strength, batteries vs rechargeable vs mains powered differ widely. These things can mean a world of difference to your results and amount of pleasure you get out of them. Another thing to consider is the diameter shaft you are comfortable with and length you enjoy most.

We can help you find the right rabbit vibrator on our shop any time. So have a chat with us using the live chat button on every page at the bottom right-hand corner and talk with one of our friendly, highly trained sex toy experts who love helping our customers find the toy that will lead you to a better and happier lifestyle.


If you prefer to do this on your own, that's great too. Here are some tips to help you on your pleasure journey: 

  • Your rabbit should have the right strength of vibrations. Everyone is different. You need to work out if you like shorter higher frequencies or lower knocking type vibrations. Also, keep in mind that battery operated toys have gentler waves than the mains powered extra powerful ones. 

  • The most comfortable size both in width and length needs to be established by yourself to see what you like and what gets you where you want to be the easiest. 

  • When browsing for your new bundle of adventure, be sure to check it is made of silicone and in case you are allergic to latex or other materials, that it specifically mentions that they are not present in the toy you want. Sometimes it pays to ask the stores customer support as some descriptions may not have it written on them. All of Friller's sex toys are phthalates free and always state in the products description whether or not any latex is present. Worth mentioning is also ABS. It is merely regular plastic and safe on the body but more slippery when lubricated and a slightly different overall feel to them. Silicone tends to be softer, smoother and doesn't take on cold or heat so it is generally more user-friendly and easy to clean. 


Rabbit vibrators are the most famous sex toy on the planet

Or at least in the top 10. However, finding your perfect rabbit can be a little harder than one might think. You will need to put in a little effort. However, the rewards of pure orgasmic satisfaction are well worth the rabbit hunt! Here are some of the reasons why: Everyone’s anatomy is a bit different and finding a toy that you insert while reaching your clitoris can present a bit of a challenge.


Friller fifty shades of grey rabbits are super popular so are our happiest and biggy

Choose from our ever-growing excellent collection of highest quality CE ROHS approved rabbit vibrators and feel the difference that quality, whisper quiet and curvaceous designs make to the results and sexy, luxurious feel and handling of the toys. All our vibrator are made from body and skin safe silicone or latex, and range from single speeds to over 36 speeds and functions of action packed thrilling, toes curling strong and powerful vibrations with both single and dual motor options.


How do they work?

Most rabbits have the main shaft part that either spins for g-spot stimulation while the shaft vibrates with motor number 1. The rabbits "ears" have again another motor which simultaneously pleases the clitoris for an eye-popping, draw dropping experience of bliss, pleasure, and joy. 


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