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Nail it on your first purchase for joyous good times

In the sex toy industry, it can get a little confusing with so much on offer from rabbit vibrators, glass and rubber dildos and bullet vibrators to sexy lingerie, couple vibrators and sex toy essentials. Its no surprise that we all need a hand the part of the pleasure journey, that is sex toys. Thankfully you no longer need to worry. From how to's to product reviews it is going to all be covered here for your simple and worry-free pleasure shopping.


Shopping for adult toys should be an exciting super fun time, with only the best orgasms of your life to look forward to. I mean who doesn't want that, right? So jump on in and have a read of our guides and be sure to leave a comment at the bottom of each page if you find something should be added or subtracted. We evaluate and read all comments.


Gain real insight from real experts and industry professionals on what makes your climax go from wow, to "OH MY!" in a heartbeat. 


Guides from our sex experts for beginners to advanced

If you are a beginner or advanced master sexual pleasure master, in this section our sex experts explain and help guide you to a better sex life. Let's face it. The world of sexual pleasure and satisfaction is one daunting and complex area of expertise. We are here to help explain things in terms and ways that are both interesting and easy to understand. Our mission is to help you become a happier person with a colourful and gorgeous sex life and the best orgasms the easiest and most pleasurable way possible. 


Guides for sex toys

Sex toys quickly become less effective and painful mistakes can be made especially at the start. We want you to enjoy our fantastic sex toys to the fullest extent possible and get the most out of your investment into a sexier and happier sexual experience. 


Sex and toy myths - Busted!

We love hearing from our customers and helping them find their path to delightfully blissful experiences that make it all worthwhile all their effort they have put into their adventure. What we do hear quite often are terrible myths that are not only stopping them reaching their full orgasmic potential but sometimes these myths are downright dangerous and spread throughout the community because sexuality is still something most people cannot talk about openly and freely, which we are working to change. Not only do we encourage openness and freedom of expression, but we also love busting some of those biggest and worst myths out there and do so in some of our sex toy guides. 


We hope you enjoy these guides and we look forward to guiding you and seeing you flourish on your journey to a happier lifestyle. 

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