Friller Me Box

Friller Me Box

Monthly Sex Toy Box Subscription

Friller is enabling you to buy sex toys in a whole new different way. For instance, we are designing three types of monthly sex toy box subscriptions. Suitable for men, women and couples.

The friller me box will have a range of exciting sex toys and other goodies included, that will keep you happy and ever so adventurously excited.

What’s so great about a box subscription?

The thrill and excitement of course! Not only do our sexperts know all of the latest and trending products that you would love to get your hot little hands on. But we also ensure that you have a little special something, every month, to look forward to in the sex department. The idea is that this will improve your sex life. By creating more exciting thrills between you and your partner, or just spoil yourself all on your own.

Not only are these sex toy box subscriptions great for your sex life but also great for your pocket. For instance, when you purchase one of our $100 monthly subscriptions on a six-month plan can save up to 20% off the purchase price. Reducing the already low highly discounted price of the subscription further. Providing you with an incredible bargain and loads of pleasure and orgasms.

Now he doesn’t like the?

We will be sending out an email notification to all newsletter subscribers so keep your eyes peeled and check back here soon for the biggest and best sex toy box subscription available in Australia.

Friller Me Box monthly sex toy subscription

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