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Anal Sex Toys

Explore the secret delights of anal play with our fun and exciting range of adult anal sex toys. That assists you to stimulate your perineum p-spot, prostate or vaginal-anal wall in women for highly intense male orgasms and fun for women.

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Intensify Your Orgasms

Whether you’re male or female and explore the heights of pleasure gained when trying anal play. Discover Friller’s Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex Toys & Pleasure (click below).

Learn everything you need to know for the best anal sex, masturbation and stimulation right here.

The Ultimate Guide to Anal Play & Sex

Learn everything you need to know for the best anal sex, masturbation and stimulation.

  • Anal Sex and Stimulation
  • Anal Essential Cleaning and Hygiene
  • Perineum P-Spot Stimulation
  • Prostate Stimulation
  • Anal Sex, Anal Masturbation or During Sex

Beginner to advanced anal lovers, pleasers and players this guide is for everyone. Whether it’s your very first time. Or you’ve been enjoying anal pleasure for years. We have the proper information and sex toys you need to experience the best anal sex, masturbation and stimulation during sex. Our vast range of anal sex toys such as anal beads, butt plugs, dildos and prostate massagers help to give you increased satisfaction, pleasure and live a happier healthier sex life.

Friller: The Sex Positive Sex Shop and Adult Sex Toy Store

Being a sex-positive sex shop, Friller and its staff are fully inclusive and open with anal sex toys we offer and help we give. At Friller you will find products and advice for everybody no matter who you are or what you prefer. From newbie beginners in anal play to intermediate and advanced experienced lovers of anal play, an extraordinary rewarding type of unique pleasure.

Sex Expert Dr Jennifer Berman On How To Massage The Prostate

credits: Conan

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Male Perineum Location (P-Spot)

The perineum (also known as P-Spot), is a sensitive area that is massaged, for added pleasure and stimulation during sex or solo masturbation. The P-Spot is located between the testicles and anus and sits directly under the small strip of skin between balls and anus.

Male Prostate Gland Location

About 5cm into the male anus (on the wall facing the penis) sits the prostate. A walnut-sized bump inside your anus that surrounds the urethra (where you pee from).

The precise glands location can vary slightly from person to person due to body height, weight etc. The approximate location is in the middle of a man’s pelvis. Situated between the penis (in front) bladder (above) and rectum (behind), This is the spot that most anal sex toys stimulate for mind-blowing orgasms.

Yindirectly accessed for means of sexual stimulation either through the insertion of a sex toy with or without vibrations. You can also access it using a finger in the anus or by massaging the perineum (also known as P-Spot). The P-Spot located between the testicles and anus.

The prostates primary physiological function is to secrete a seminal fluid that adds to semen ejaculate during ejaculation. It surrounds the urethra (pee tube) and secretes a seminal fluid that adds to semen during ejaculation.

Essential Hygiene Required with Any Anal Play or Sex

Anal sex, stimulation and anal masturbation with or without anal sex toys, are different from any other type of sexual activity. It requires planning and proper preparation for you to enjoy it, stay happy and healthy. Improving your sex life if you do it the right way. Never fear – we will walk through everything in this guide, that you need to know. Friller has your back too!

Essential Facts About Anal

Your anus and anal canal are non-self-lubricating – Lube is required, which is the same for men and women. Both with or without the use of anal sex toys when it comes to anal of any kind. Lube is essential and not optional. Lubricant is required to prevent potentially serious internal injury, discomfort, pain. Also, to make the experience enjoyable, which is the whole point of stimulation.

Spontaneous Anal is a Bad Idea

Anal sex and masturbation always require preparation.

Anal done correctly with a bit of prep work each time can be an enjoyable, safe and fun experience.

It can give you many new sensations of pleasure and improve your sexual health and better your sex life for both partners.

Spontaneous anal pleasure is not advisable. It will be the worst experience of your life and likely putt you off it forever. Non-preparedness and a lack of general knowledge in this area is the reason many women and men dislike anal sex and stimulation.

Douche Hygiene Required

Anus and anal canal naturally contain dangerous bacteria such as Escherichia coli (also known as E. coli).

Be gentle and take your time to do this. Do not skip this – Its 100% worth the effort. Many anal lovers report that they love this experience almost as much as the anal sex or masturbation afterwards. Its because the sensations can be nicely stimulating and aren’t unpleasant when done correctly with clean water at exact body temperature.

Getting Started – Anal Douche Anus Cleaning

Before using anal sex toys, ensure to perform at least three anal canal flushes with a douche and clean body temperature water. Throughout a 30 min approximate period. Each flush with water follows steps 6-9:

  1. Use clean fresh (osmosis filtered or steam distilled) water.
  2. Prepare a clean bowl microwave safe and touchless laser thermometer (available for around 5 to $20 and very handy) or another thermometer.
  3. Fill the bowl with about 4 x the capacity of your douche. Four times is safer as sometimes you might need four flushes.
  4. Heat the bowl of water in the microwave checking every few seconds the temperature of the water to make sure you hit the mark. (Tip: Note how many seconds on a notepad and add to your sex toy collection, so you know for next time how long your microwave takes to heat it correctly. Still, always check the temperature though before insertion as you do not want to be making a mistake here! It will hurt a lot. The intestine walls are very delicate and sensitive.)
  5. Take the bowl of Max. Thirty-six degrees Celcius water together with your douche and your anal lube to the toilet.
  6. Fill the douche bulb with water by fully depressing to push all the air out and then allowing it to suck up the water from the bowl. Make sure all air is out, and the bulbous tank is full.
  7. Apply a few drizzles of anal lube to the douche spout and insert a minimum of 2cm slowly and then slowly press the bulb until all water is inside you.
  8. Contract your anal muscles as you withdraw the bulb to prevent water from going everywhere.
  9. Now, wait and hold the water for at least 5 minutes before releasing your contraction and allowing the water to slowly bit by bit get pushed out into the toilet by your intestines reflexes. Don’t just force push it all out as this slow expulsion gives your anus the best possible clean.
  10. Now repeat steps 6 to 10 three or more time. Or until the expulsed water is clear and clean. Then go to the Post-Douche Regime part of this guide.

Tip: During the 15 minutes of post-douche absorption period, it feels great to have a quick shower in that time!

The After Douche – Regime

  • Absorption “Drying”
  • Lubricating Anus

Once douched at least three times and water entirely expelled into the toilet after the last flush.

Allow your butt to rest for at least 10-15 minutes.

The reason for this is so that your anal canal can “dry” (absorb). Any of the small amounts of water that after full expulsion of the douche water (5-10 min after last douche rinse), has been left in your canal. So for the lube to be fully capable, it is best to allow the anal canal to absorb any leftover water into the intestine walls.

Why is this important?

  • It stops your bum & body from thinking you just inserted more water that needs to be pushed out.
  • It prevents the thick and long-lasting lube you are about to apply and insert from watering down into a watery consistency – which is not suitable for great anal play and sex.
  • It makes the use of anal sex toys more comfortable, giving you a better overall experience during and after stimulation.

Once the absorption time has passed

You can start to inject a high-quality silicone-based or water-based anal lube into your anal canal. You can do this with a lube injector or some disposable body-safe clean and new gloves using the lube and your fingers.

Important Note About Anal Play & Lubes:

  • Check our sex toy description of the toy you plan on using during anal stimulation. If the toy says to use water-based lube, then you must use a Water-Based Anal Lubricant with that toy. Available here
  • If the toy says that silicone-based lube or your favourite lube of any type. Then you should use an Anal Silicone-Based Lube. As silicone-based lubes are superior in glide and last much longer, they are more suitable for anal fun. However, the drawback of silicone-based lubes is that they are not fully compatible with all anal sex toy materials. Such as silicone, which is not compatible with silicone-based lube.


After douched and excess liquid absorbed as well as adequately lubricated. You are ready to play and enjoy one of the most amazing, strongest and wildest orgasms any man can ever experience using anal sex toys. It is unlike any penis stimulation based orgasm and is a lot more intense, body-shaking and can make you orgasm for minutes long, repeated ten times in a row with some practice.

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