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One thing is clear. Adult toys such as vibrators help reach orgasm faster and more intense.


Couples or solo pleasure. Toys are just better.


We run busy and often stressful lives

Stress and time pressure don't mix well with a healthy and happy life. Climaxing is meant to be fun. But how can you enjoy them when you are already tired and stressed out? The answer is simple. Sex toys. Another thing we can do is try to see our partner more often and engage with them. Sexual wellness easily turns bad when no effort is made leading quickly to less pleasure, sex, and orgasms. It doesn't come easy after a long hard day at work to do these things. But with a little help from an adult toy, can help get you solo or you both together into the mood and light the candle for you both. All you then need to do is put in the extra effort to keep the candle burning. Without the added help of a sex toy, most of us just tend to think "Stuff It!" and go without. But there is no need to miss out on the fun and joy that life has to offer. Try a sex toy today and discover the difference it will make in your life.


This is where adult toys come into play

Sex toys are devices that help make it easier to climax, make climaxing more intense, and assist in becoming aroused. Basically, they get us in the mood when we are feeling wrecked and tired. But not only then are they useful. A more intensified climax is a beautiful thing. Well rested or at low energy levels, a more exciting experience is always a good thing in our opinion. You shouldn't miss out on those toe-curling lip-biting explosive orgasms. They are very healthy, balancing and an important part of life.


Rabbit vibrator sex toys


Sit back relax and let the sex toys do the work

Let these marvelous adult toys do all the work for you. Choose the toy that you like best from Friller’s range of handpicked adult toys. Friller's sex shop and its pleasure collection will help you find the toy that suits. Some of our collection includes powerful vibrating rabbits, butt plugs and prostate massager anal toys to sex toy essentials, condoms, sexy lingerie and clitoral climax vibrators. So you can find yourself in the comfort of your home having the time of your life, in no time.

Free shipping is also available on orders $50 or more within Australia. For orders of $100 or more we have free express with every order. On top of all that, we have a loyalty points program. Collect Friller points that can be redeemed during your next purchase as our way of saying, Thank you.


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Pay for your adult toys with afterpay, credit card or paypal

If you feel like having your toy of joy now but want to pay for them later? Not usually two things that come in pairs in the adult industry. We are changing this. So just use our AfterPay payment method at the checkout. It only takes 60 seconds and approvals are instant and live. Of course, we also have the secure visa, MasterCard, AMEX and PayPal available for you to pick one that suits you best.



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