Satisfyer Men Male Masturbation Sleeve Plus Outer Shell 9.9 Inch

The revolutionary Satisfyer male masturbator, Satisfyer Men, is an all in one solo sex toy designed to give you the perfect pressure and relaxation for those times when work stresses you out or any other time you feel like an extraordinary powerful orgasm…

  • Mix of vaginal and oral sex sensations

  • Developed with Rocco Siffredi (porn star)

  • Adapts to every penis size

  • Total length of 25.14 cm (9.9 inches)

  • Unique tightening and loosening pressure release button




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The revolutionary Satisfyer male masturbator, Satisfyer Men, is an all in one solo sex toy designed to give you the perfect pressure and relaxation for those times when work stresses you out or any other time you feel like an extraordinary powerful orgasm.

Innovative internal pressure chambers regulate suction and pull that engulfs your cock all the way bringing you intense climax sensations, more comfortable and more satisfying.

If anyone knows what the perfect climax feels like, it’s him: Porn legend Rocco Siffredi.

Unique technology built into the Satisfyer Men creates intense stimulation that gets looser and tighter by utilising air cushioning of pussy-soft materials that surround your penis with the complete sequence of gripping tighter and releasing what amounts to highly intense stimulation to give you powerful orgasms and climax experiences time and time again.

A novel pumping action adds or releases air during thrusting at just the touch of a button. You decide whether the masturbator tightens its grip or frees you from its hold.

Porn star legend Rocco Siffredi was in over 1800 movies and had sex with over 5000 women tested this masturbator and says that one orgasm was better than any other he has ever had. The one he got from using the Satisfyer Men.

This masturbator comes with an internal sleeve which is interchangeable between five other sleeves we sell for different varying stimulation types and orgasm experiences. This particular model includes the outer shell and one inner sleeve, whereas the other models are just the sleeves without the case. So it is best to buy this model first and then upgrade to the various sheaths.

The supersoft inner sleeve feels different from any other you’ve ever seen before. It feels sensationally sexy guaranteed by the supersoft CyberSkin material.



Satisfyer is a high-end sex toys manufacturer that has brought us fabulous adult toys such as the Satisfyer 2 clitoral stimulator and more.

Male Masturbator

Total Length

25.14 cm 9.90 inch






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Key Features
  • Boasts uniquely desirable pumping action
  • Utilises innovative regulators of internal pressure
  • The inner sleeve is made of CyberSkin ultra soft material
  • Satisfyer has made hygiene a breeze with a locking feature
  • Stylish sports car inspired outer designed shell
  • Rocco Siffredi tested who said: "my best orgasm!"

PLAY VIDEO: Satisfyer Men Male Masturbation Sleeve Plus Outer Shell 9.9 Inch

  • Made of supersoft CyberSkin material

Total length 25.14 cm (9.9 inches)

  • Use with water-based lubricants is recommended for the best possible experience.
  • Clean with sex toy cleaning spray water and always allow to fully air dry prior to airtight storage.

Imagine as a single male in your late 20s you have a fantastic job. You love your work and work very hard.

However, what you love even more than work, is love and everything that comes with it such as desire, attraction, sexual pleasure and arousal.

You were born with a very high sex drive; it's always been the norm for you to require at least several orgasms a day in order for you to feel most relaxed and comfortable in life. Self-pleasure has always been a part of your life. It is rare to find someone with the same genetically engrained desire overload as you.

At this stage of your life, you are yet to meet someone who naturally ticks, the way you ordinarily do. However, you are happy and do not need or expect anyone to be like you. Over the years, you have become increasingly efficient and well acquainted with the various methods and concepts of masturbation and self-pleasure.

Over many years you've enjoyed many male masturbators, techniques and pleasure giving foreplay and sex.Satisfyer men tested and loved by porn star legend Rocco Siffredi

Your experiences: some good, some amazing and some mind-blowing. You are browsing around the internet to check out some of the latest and greatest masturbation toys of the never-ending search for the holy grail to get your fix of overwhelming ejaculation bliss. When you come across the friller online sex shop's, Satisfyer for Men series of masturbation sleeves and shell (case), it boasts different sleeves available separately that allow you to instantly upgrade the sensations and stimulation you get out of it. Yes! You think to yourself as adventurous thoughts of deliciously bewitching orgasms race through your head. Its a no-brainer decision for you. You buy the Satisfyer Men at friller online, quickly and easily all is done and on its way. Within a few days, your discreet shipment arrives at your doorstep. You pick the parcel up lying at your door; suddenly getting a giant rockhard erection in your pants just from your wild mind already fantasising about the pleasure it could have in store for you.

Thrilled with the new and shiny possibilities, you, hungry for a hard on releasing orgasm, quickly unwrap your parcel and are amazed at how beautiful this toy is. Rocco, the porn star that recommends this masturbator does know what he's talking about; you think to yourself as your eyes and fingers explore the stylish sports car inspired outer casing and soft inner sleeve. Instantly amazed at how sexy the CyberSkin feels to the touch. Your erect cock becomes so hard that it is starting to feel uncomfortable inside your jeans.

So within minutes, you are in your bedroom on your bed, comfortably naked with your eyes closed, imagining the toy is a sexy wet woman that will have sex with you all day long, who is greedy and hungry for pleasure yet lovingly sharing and caring. You then apply some lubricant to your cock and slowly insert your veins bulging throbbing manhood into its smooth and soft opening. Thrusting inside the soft and squishy CyberSkin sleeve.

"Mmm, Oh, fuck. Oh, fuck, that's good."

You moan gently, at the delightful stimulation of the masturbator engulfing and swallowing your entire shaft. To stay in the mood, you drift with your thoughts into a fantasy of a wet pussy, slowly riding your cock with her boobs bouncing up and down in front of you while you thrust in and out of the masturbator with sensuously erotic sensual strokes. A delightful feeling of satisfying arousal, most active at the tip of your penis, radiates from this point throughout your entire body. Pleasant joy, pulsing in waves of intensity. Racing through your mind as your thrusts into the sexy material become firmer and slower.

Your biggest joy is the stimulation stage of any sex or masturbation session.

The sensations of floating. The magic of tantalising stimulation enchants you. When most other thoughts are pushed aside from the conscious mind, filling itself with pure happiness and pleasure in place of fears, worries and problems to solve. A state of utter bliss that you wished would last forever and ever. With nothing in this world coming even close to the frisky, passionately playful, attractive sensations you experience during sex or masturbation.

"Mm. Mmm. Oh. Ohhhh."

You moan in satisfaction with every exhale. You can feel the gorgeous heavenly feelings intensify ? every deep thrust into the pressure chambers pushing and pulling tightly on your cock. You push the pressure release button intermittently for even more varied pleasure giving sensations. Tightening and loosening at the push of a button.

The stimulation is quickly building your levels of pleasure to extraordinary heights as you slow your thrusting even further. You are growing internal sexual energy, pushing it to the maximum level. Suddenly you feel intense sensations. You instantly know, a mind-blowing ejaculation is imminent when you...

"Ahhhhhh. Ah, Ah, Ah... Ohhhhhhh. God. Yes. Yes!"

Moan shamelessly loud while experiencing an intense ejaculation explosion that feels incredible, and for a few seconds, all thoughts and consciousness fade away as you touch heaven before being jolted back into real life.

The climax leaves you with a huge smile on your face.

Then after washing the masturbator with toy cleaner and leaving to dry, several hours later when the need for another sexual adventure tickles your mind, the masturbator is dry and ready to go over and over again. An intelligent little investment and the perfect addition to your masturbator selection.

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