Extra Soft Purple Satin Blindfold

Enjoy the exciting sensation of being stripped of your sight…

  • Satin eye mask for thrilling sex or bondage play

  • Intensifies sensory perceptions by taking away sight

  • Super soft and comfortable to wear blindfold



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Enjoy the exciting sensation of being stripped of your sight. Enter the unknown and give yourself over to your partner! The soft material makes the eye mask super comfortable to wear. Feel the luxurious touch of the smooth satin fabric on your skin and prepare for a wonderful night of gratification.












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Key Features
  • Satin eye mask for thrilling sex or bondage play

  • Intensifies sensory perceptions by taking away sight

  • Super soft and comfortable to wear blindfold

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  • Satin
  • One size fits all

Imagine being tied down on a large four post bed.

You are naked. Completely naked.

Your legs ankled and wrists spread apart and held securely in place in all four directions. Restrained by velcro straps which are attached under your bed using a Friller Bondage Pleasure Kit.


You are in a compromising position ? bare and naked lying on the bed, unable to move your legs or arms.


Your lover is sitting on a chair not far from the bed's edge on your left-hand side. He is who helped you strap the restraints to your body ? making you vulnerable. Giving you an emotionally satisfying release as you lay there helpless and entirely in his control.


Gratifying feelings are surrounding your every thought.


He is watching you.


You are wearing a purple satin blindfold; you can almost feel his stare piercing through the eye mask.


"Do with me as you please my master." You whimper softly, filled with sexual anticipation, lust and a growing desire for pleasure and satisfaction.


"Shhhhhh." He says slowly in a sensual fashion.woman with blindfold on


You don't know him for very long. You have also never been part of bondage in this way before. But you like it. The sensations you feel of being strapped in like this, completely naked, with only a blindfold on - is new and exciting to you.


You have no idea what the master lover of yours has in mind for you. Being an adventurous giver, you enjoy erotic anticipation.


While strapped down to the bed you're lying there wondering, filling your head with thoughts of sexually arousing pleasuring stimulation.


... You suddenly feel a pleasantly warm, unexpected sensation just above your ankles.


It's your master.


You feel a pleasing tingling sensation as his warm lips excite your sensitivity intensified soft skin. He showers you with kiss after kiss after kiss.


Every touch feels like an exciting burst of pleasure, making you quiver inside.


The gentle, pleasing kisses reach your inner thighs.

Tantalising sensations increase inside of you with every kiss. You feel your blood rushing down between your spread apart legs and into your clitoris. Your vulvar pumping and pulsing synchronously to every single touch of his lips, pushing softly against your inner thigh.


Slowly and deliberately pausing between every kiss. Careful not to touch you anywhere else.


His actions begin to ignite a fire of wild arousal from deep inside you. The titillating sensation is getting so powerfully strong now as his lips edged closer and closer to your naked and bare vulva. Intensified by having your legs spread apart like this. Giving him full access to your most intimate part.


You feel vulnerable in an enticing, seductively lustful way.


Just as his amazing kissing lips are about to reach your vulva, your mind knows what's coming next... and makes you incredibly excited and aroused ? wild sensations of anticipation racing through your thoughts.


There is no kiss or touch on your vulva.


What is he doing to me? You think to yourself, while the throbbing pulsations of pleasure in your clitoris swell to an intense desire for stimulation.

woman tied up during bondage play with eyemask on

"Give it to me master, please give it to me!"

You beg him in a voice that conveys an urgency of your need for pleasure.


"Shhhhh. I don't think you want it bad enough just yet." He replies in a calm deep voice.


"I do master; I want it." You beg once more.


He doesn't reply. He is giving you no answer.


You then feel him kissing the side of your breasts.


You twitch at the new, unexpected erotic touch!


So sensual, so slow. Building your pleasure to vibration, you can now feel radiating throughout your entire body. You can sense your natural lubrication, slowly runnning out of your vulva.


This is how excited he is making you.


Yes. You are extremely turned on.


His relentlessly pleasing kisses touch your breasts within centimetres of your nipples. Directly on top of your naked, plump round breasts. Like two peaches ready to be mesmerised and taken by your lover.


"Mmm. Oh." You moan, in quiet quivering bursts of pleasure with every touch of his lips next to your stiffened hardening nipples.


You want him to touch and rub your nipples.


You want him so badly, Enthralled by his bewitching, breathtaking game of lusty stimulation.


Titillating stimulation is now higher than you've ever felt before.


You exert pressure against your wrist and ankle cuffs in a futile attempt to free yourself and give yourself the intensely building climax release you now so intensely desire and long for.


"Oh. Uhhhhhhhhh."

You moan loudly and twitch as his lips surround your pointy nipples, gently sucking them into his warm, wet, slippery mouth. Creating space inside it, he wickedly uses his tongue to encircle your stiff nipple. First one, then the other. While pleasure and intense desire flood your mind and body. Radiating and pumping through every vein.


He does this so slowly...


So deliberately exciting...


Blowing your mind with his teasing arousal.


It feels, unlike any stimulation you've ever felt before with the intense lust and desire now so strong that you can't take it anymore.


But you are restrained, unable to control your release of this powerful internal pressure inside you.


This fact turns you on even more. You want to be free so bad. You want to touch your clitoris, touch your vulva and squeeze your breasts firmly.


His kisses now move up, to the side of your neck. You can feel his hot breath against your skin, giving you goosebumps all over. The feelings of pleasure so good that you tilt your head to the other side to provide him with full access to your neck, against your natural instinct to do the opposite.


But by now you are so aroused that it is making you do things, anything, in an attempt to receive the release... the climax!


Instead, the wild pleasure continues to build as he moves up your neck to your earlobe.


Gently sucking and kissing your lobe.


You feel another powerful rush of goosebumps spreading over your naked body.


"Uh, I want it. I want it so so bad."


"Fuck me now!"


"Please... Fuck me now!"


You impatiently moan in protest of mind-blowing arousal.


"I want you to come for me."


He replies.


You hear him walk a few steps and then he releases the restraint of your right wrist.


"With one hand. Give it to yourself." He says in a sensual voice.


...like lightning, your hand rushes down to your pulsing vulva. You plunge two fingers deep into yourself. You're intensely lubricating with your natural juices all over your fingers you begin rubbing up and down and side to side over your clitoris.


"Ohhhh. Oh, shit. Oh, fuck...."


You chant in bursts of loud moans.


When suddenly intense feelings that have been bundled up and pressurised within you come throbbing to the surface.

Your mind completely wiped of all thought. Powerful stimulation overpowered you with mighty force...


"Ahhhhhh! Ohhh. Ohhhh"


You scream while experiencing the most powerful orgasm you've ever felt in your life.


Longer and more intense than any other time.


Delicious aphrodisia tantalises your senses.


Your legs twitch in intense pulsations as you begin to laugh out loud, overwhelmed by the satisfying sensations.


"Good honey."


He says to you with an excited, happy voice.

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