Four Seasons Naked Classic Condoms 12pk

Four Seasons Naked Classic Condoms 12 Pack – are ultra-thin and sheer for your stimulation and warm body-feel sensations experience during sex…

  • Nominal 54 mm width latex condoms

  • Made from natural rubber latex

  • Ultrasheer yet extra strong

  • Convenient 12 pack of condoms

  • Lightly pre-lubricated +2 lube sachets included




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Four Seasons Naked Classic Condoms 12 Pack – are ultra-thin and sheer for your stimulation and warm body-feel sensations experience during sex. Feel closer than ever to your partner and increase intimacy. These condoms are designed to feel like you are barely wearing anything at all making them extra enjoyable and pleasurable to use and wear. Experience heightened sensations with this thin yet extra reliable and robust condom. These condoms are made of high-quality natural rubber latex by Four Season, an Australian business.

These condoms come slightly pre-lubricated and have a reservoir tip to prevent leakage after ejaculation. The pre-lubrication is minimal to suite a wide range of customers. If you require a little extra lubricant for those longer pleasure sessions, Four Seasons has you covered with the included 2 sachets of water-based lube and designed for 2 courses of several applications each sachet. Or apply as per your and your partner’s personal preference.

Have more sexual intercourse and frivolously frisky sex play sessions. Whether solo or with a partner these condoms will allow you to have arousing stimulation while keeping you protected.

Four Seasons is an Australian company and business success story that thanks to their ingenious and innovative design and highly reliable fun to wear condoms, have expanded overseas and are now much loved and available around the globe. Always be mindful that condoms of any brand, size or type are never a 100% effective as a contraceptive or means of preventing STD’s and STI’s. Enjoy better-protected intimate sex with Four Seasons Naked Classic Condoms.

Naked Classic Condom Tips

According to feedback received from several Friller customers and their personal experiences:

  • We have learned that if these particular condoms are extremely difficult to put on your penis and or your penis once finally in the condom turns blue then buy an Extra Large XL or Large L condom instead.
  • The Naked Classic stretches a fair bit, and with force, you can get any size into it, but it will restrict your blood flow and make your penis go blue which is not good.
  • Condoms should always roll on easily and sit nice and snug. They should not be loose or challenging to put on.
  • If your penis turns blue, this could be a dangerous situation so always see your GP for advice or call 000 for emergency medical assistance.
  • The advice provided is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.


Four Seasons

Explore the Four Seasons Condoms range here at friller for a number of differently flavoured, coloured, thick, textured and ejaculation delaying condoms produced by four seasons which is an Australian owned company that manufactures high-quality condoms and cater for Australians of all shapes and sizes. A pioneer and innovative company that was the 1st to introduce a range of different sized condoms for tighter or larger selections of condoms. They were also the 1st inch Jews to the Australian market glow-in-the-dark and icy menthol lubricated condoms. Their flagship product, the naked condoms range which is like wearing nothing at all is one of the most popular products they manufacture. Four seasons have since expanded into a global worldwide operation selling four seasons condoms around the globe.



12 pack


Four Seasons


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Key Features
  • Lubricated non-spermicidal 
  • Reservoir tipped ending
  • Transparent and ultra thin
  • Strong and sensitive
  • Nominal Width 54mm
  • Contains 12 Condoms

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  • Natural rubber latex
  • 54 mm nominal width
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