G-Spot Sex Toy Kit (8 Piece)

So you’ve decided to explore your pleasure-giving sweet and lovely, marvellous G-Spot…



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So you’ve decided to explore your pleasure-giving sweet and lovely, marvellous G-Spot.


The G-Spot and some things to note:

  • Every woman can experience a g-spot orgasm.
  • G Orgasms are about letting go and trusting.
  • You can have many g orgasms in a row 10+ is no biggy.
  • G-Spot orgasms are full-body ecstatic and strong experiences of pleasure.


Diving into this strong emotional experience you need to be in the right frame of mind. An I-have-no-idea-what-is-happening-to-me and what feels like one of the most emotionally intense experiences of your life takes trust and time and is not like a clitoral orgasm.


  • You have to trust yourself
  • Surrender
  • Let go of control
  • Be patient and in the right mood for this

G-Spot Sex Toy Kit


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Key Features

G-Spot Waterproof Silicone Vibrator with 10 Function Super Sexy Settings

  • Sensationally smooth and well rounded this G-Spot vibrator is for both beginners and advanced female G-Spot stimulation lovers out there. Entirely waterproof this ten function vibe is explicitly designed for the arousal of the G-Spot to produce pleasant feelings through your entire body with a pleasurable and enjoyable orgasm finale. The vibrator is 15.24cm in total length with an enjoyable 10.16cm of insertable vibrator goodness. Powered by 2 AAA batteries and is latex and phthalates free. Includes batteries as part of this eight-piece sex toy kit.


Personal Lubricant Easy Vagina Lubricator Syringe - Double Pack

  • As you adventure into the G-Spot arousing territory, these lubricant insertion syringes will come in mighty handy. To use dispense lube into the syringe receiver and gently inject lube as needed directly into your vagina. Try to get it as close to a middle fingers length onto the top part of the vulva (that's where the g-spot is) for g-spot play. It doesn't matter if your g-spot session is short or long. You should always use lube for heightened sensations and to make the whole experience more enjoyable.


G-Spot Vibrator Wand 17.78 cm

  • This gorgeously bright silver metallic waterproof G-Spot vibe is the perfect tool you need to explore and play with your G-Spot in all angles and vibration types. This G wand is 17.78cm in length and can be fully inserted up to 17.78cm. Phthalates free this vibe uses a twist speed control knob at its base for variable step-less speed escalation and control. The bulbous tip is purpose angled to bring this metallic wand's surface into direct contact with you g-spot. Produces amazing orgasms and is a must-have G-Spot toy for any woman. Powered by 2 x AA batteries included as part of this kit.


2 x AA Batteries Plus 2 x AAA 

  • Two super heavy duty long life AA and AAA batteries included. Four batteries in total plus two toys and application syringe, as well as the lubricant, brings this sensational "READY OUT OF THE BOX" stimulation G kit for women. 


Pjur Water-Based Women Toy Lube 100ml Pump Bottle

  • This smooth and extra long lasting water-based personal lubricant is made by the renowned high-quality lube manufacturer, Pjur. This lubricant is thick and creamy unlike most other water-based lubes. This lube lasts extra long and will keep you stimulating away at your g-spot for a very long extended time. Made for women and can be used for masturbation with sex toys, g-spot stimulation or sex. This lube is versatile and skin friendly as well as gentle on toys.

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