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Durex Climax Stimulating Condoms 6/12pk

Imagine sex with your partner becoming more arousing, increasingly adventurous and heart-poundingly intense, with throbbing orgasms blowing your mind the more often you do it…

  • Transparent and lubricated

  • Nominal width of 56 mm

  • Easy on shape and teat tip

  • Ribbed and dotted with stimulating arousing gel

  • Dermatologically tested



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Imagine sex with your partner becoming more arousing, increasingly adventurous and heart-poundingly intense, with throbbing orgasms blowing your mind the more often you do it. You think to yourself, how could this be? Usually, things get stale and less attractive and appealing over time.

Then it dawns on you; you have been consistently and continuously mixing things up like as if, you are a brand new you every time you have sex. Reinventing yourself as you go along. You’ve been having sex in a crazy new position almost every time. You’ve initiated sex in a new place without warning or plan, non-stop! Keeping your partner guessing and excited, full of anticipation. Never knowing where and when the next highly intense erotic adventure is going to take place. Your decision to do things like randomly deciding to try the ribbed and dotted Durex Climax Stimulating Condoms available from Friller in both 6 and 12 packs as a means of increasing arousal and experiencing, different.

Always mix things up in no particular pattern or regularity. Never stop – like introducing the Durex Climax Stimulating Condoms to your sexual hot and heated sultry adventures with your partner. It doesn’t matter if you’ve long stopped using condoms for sex with each other. Or if using them is still relevant in your relationship? The fact is they feel different, they smell different, and they will stimulate you both differently. No matter who you are or the type of sex, or how long you’ve been together for – if you want things to stay thrilling like the first time you had sex with your partner, you must do and act unpredictably sexy and reinvent your game everyday.

Try something like these easy to glide on condoms with a special teat tip that adds comfort and stimulation. A super smooth perfect fit that’s transparent and comes pre-lubricated and with arousing stimulation gel pre-applied. If you’ve been in a relationship for a while; why not just role-play being strangers. This is a common male and female fantasy – how brilliant. Do it passionately crazy and wild in places such as a public dressing room in a department store where the silence you both must keep will bring you to extraordinary climaxing pleasure. Or the cinema, public toilet, car or anywhere outdoors that’s a little risky. This is the very recipe to never getting bored with your lover.

Note though that it takes two to tango. If your partner isn’t into it or willing to put the same effort into role-playing along and enjoying the excitement then these things might not work so well. However, using constant change like introducing condoms such as the climax stimulating range to your sex life can sometimes make profound differences and rekindle that spark.


16 Pack, 6 Pack






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Key Features
  • Stimulating Gel Latex Rubber Condoms
  • Nominal Width 56mm  (for standard easy-on)
  • Stimulating ribs and dots texture 
  • Enhancing gel (Mint flavoured lubricant) 
  • Designed for an intensified pleasure experience
  • Made from natural rubber latex
  • 56 mm nominal width
  • Prelubricated and stimulating gel pre-applied
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