Dragonz Anal Beads 8 Inch

Gently explore extraordinary anal pleasure with the Dragonz Anal Beads by Seven Creations…

  • Beginner friendly anal beads

  • Loop handle for easy retrieval and insertion

  • Made from phthalate-free PVC

  • PVC anal beads can be used with any type of lube



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Gently explore extraordinary anal pleasure with the Dragonz Anal Beads by Seven Creations. Perfect for beginners and advanced anal pleasure seekers alike, anal beads, are a sex toy that is made up of multiple spherical shaped balls. These balls also called beads, are interconnected to form a long consecutive chain with a loop as handle at one end for easy retrieval and insertion.

Anal beads provide intense anal pleasure during insertion and removal of these beads into and out of your anus and rectum.

The most intense sensations can be felt when edging yourself by masturbation or sex as close as possible to orgasm. Not going past the point of no return, with the anal beads inserted into your anus. As you feel yourself almost about to orgasm. The anal bead chain is quickly pulled out of the anus in one swift go. Allowing each bead along the chain to push past the prostate in male users or the vaginal-anal wall in females. The beads bump into the anal walls and stimulate the prostate as the beads are pulled out. This triggers the user to experience a highly intense orgasm that especially for male users, can feel incredibly powerful and mind-blowing. Unlike any non-anal orgasm, you’ve ever had.

Use these anal beads for foreplay, during sex with your partner or while engaging in solo masturbation on your own and experience butt-play anal stimulation orgasms. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced passionate anal player – these beads are sure to create pleasure for you or your partner in new adventurous ways.

These beads are made from PVC material. So you are encouraged to use any of your favourite anal lubes together with these anal beads.


Seven Creations

We stock a large range of seven creations designed and manufactured sex toys. Seven creations have been part of the adult industry for a very long time and provide great products at affordable low prices.Our range of seven creations adult toys includes vibrators, bullets, cock rings and Pussy pumps to anal douches, clitoral vibrators, rabbit vibrator and vibrating cock rings.

Black, Blue, Pink, Purple


Anal Beads


Seven Creations

Total Length

20.32 cm 8.00 inch




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Key Features
  • Colourful anal beads chain
  • Loop handle for easy retrieval and insertion
  • Anally stimulating 6 spherical balls chain
  • Available in different colours of: black, pink, purple and blue
  • Made from phthalate-free PVC
  • PVC anal beads can be used with any type of lube
  • Intensely pleasing 8 inches 20.32 cm long anal bead chain
  • Perfect for beginners and advanced anal pleasure seekers alike
  • PVC
  • Body safe
  • Skin-friendly
  • Phthalate-free

Due to the need of using a long-lasting lube such as silicone lube during anal play, we recommend buying a PVC anal bead chain such as this - as silicone made toys cannot be used together with silicone lube.

  • Total length 20.32 cm 8.00 inch
  • Total spherical beads 6
  • Use long-lasting silicone lube all water-based anal lube for the most intense pleasant experience possible. When engaging in anal play, ensure that you do use lube as the anus does not create any natural lubrication.

Toy Cleaning:

  • When it comes to cleaning anal toys, always use a sex toy cleaning spray together with warm water and thoroughly clean and fully air dry toys before and after each use. Especially important with anal toys as they will harbour potentially dangerous bacteria such as E. coli if not cleaned and maintained correctly.


Personal Hygiene & Anal Play:

  • We highly recommend that you use an anal douche. To thoroughly clean your anal cavity, using several cycles of anal douche flushing, followed by lubrication - every time before engaging in anal play or anal sex. So you can have the most enjoyable, clean and pleasant experience possible. Anal play can be fresh, decent and clean - highly rewarding pleasure and fun if you prepare correctly and take your time. Anal play is not something you should rush without proper consideration and preparation.
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