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Discreet Plain Packaging and Shipping


Our parcels look as dull as bills and as innocuous as a gift from grandma!


Here’s everything you need to know about our discreet shipping:

One of the questions we are asked extremely often by our valued customers is what our packages look like when they are delivered to your home or place of work. That is why we want to ensure you that your privacy is our number one priority, and nobody will be able to tell what is inside our bland brown boxes.


That’s not all…

Our online adult store has everything you could possibly want to bring your sexual desires into reality, and while the contents of our packages are always titillating, electrifying and exciting – our plain packaging certainly isn’t! We want you to have the complete freedom to shop in comfort, knowing that when your goods arrive at the door, your nosy neighbours, family, housemates or colleagues won’t be any wiser about what’s going on in your bedroom.


Bottom line?

We’ve got your back! To ease your mind, we have answered all the most commonly asked questions about our packaging right here.


1. Will my order be in plain packaging?

100% yes!


Here’s the deal:

All of our parcels are discreet and completely unidentifiable.

Smaller items such as condoms are packed in plain, sturdy envelopes and are wrapped to hide from prying eyes. Larger items are packed in brown boxes that could be holding just about any item. They are also strong, so they can’t be easily pierced to reveal the internal contents. We use loads of wadding to guarantee your purchases won’t move around inside the box if curious hands give them a shake.


To prevent tampering, we use heavy duty packing tape to make your package almost impenetrable. And, we don’t add any markings to the box, unless a customs label or courier sticker is required. This will depend on your country and postal service, but we still ensure your security and privacy even when labels are needed.


2. Will it say what is inside anywhere on the box?



Here’s why:

For orders within Australia, we don’t list contents anywhere on the box.

Sometimes certain countries require a customs slip to be attached to your package but even then, we don’t specify precisely what the items are. While we have no way around filling out regulatory forms and labels, for discretionary reasons, we always list our discreet sex toys and products as ‘novelty items.


3. Will the box have ‘return to sender’ details?

Yes, but not one that mentions our brand name…


Here’s why:

Australia Post and other postal services require ‘return to sender’ details to be listed on packages, but we don’t list our company name.

We use a return address that doesn’t say ‘Friller’ in it and isn’t listed on our website, so your goods can’t easily be traced back to an adult shop.

As you can see, we are just as concerned about your privacy as you are. That is why our plain packaging sex toys and our full range of adult products are delivered in the most discreet way possible.

Shopping with us is even less risk than going into a real-life retail store, where you might be spotted by someone you know as you are coming or going. If you aren’t home, your mailman will leave a card, and you can collect your item from the post office with the peace of mind that your package will remain our little secret.

With free shipping on orders over $60 and free express shipping on orders over $100, what are you waiting for!?

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