Fantasy For Her Arousing Crotchless Wireless Vibrating Panties

Imagine being profoundly and madly in love with your partner…

  • Fantastic panties for wearing during sex

  • Highly arousing crotchless panty

  • Excellent for solo masturbation or partner sex

  • Wireless remote controllable bullet vibrator

  • Inner panty pocket pushes the bullet securely against your clitoris



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Imagine being profoundly and madly in love with your partner. You are both very passionate people. Sparks have been flying in the bedroom for quite some time. However, the heat in the bedroom has slowly been dimming over time. So one day you decide to spice things back up and turn the heat back up to maximum. So you go online to find some sexy lingerie. On your search for the perfect piece of lingerie or perhaps a couples sex toy, you come across an online sex shop named Friller and discover the Fantasy For Her Arousing Crotchless Wireless Vibrating Panties. You instantly fall in love with its sexy design and crotchless ability to have passionate, naughty sex while keeping your panties on. Anywhere anytime! You love that the wirelessly controllable powerful bullet sits securely in the panties inner pocket, stimulating your clitoris during sex or solo masturbation at varying intensities and patterns. You fantasise about the alluring possibilities of giving control over to your partner or control its amorous multi-function power yourself.

You decide to keep these naughty panties a surprise and don’t say anything to your partner about your erotic intentions. Since Friller always ships using plain and discreet packaging with a discrete sender address, you are confident enough to have them sent to your workplace. 

You can’t stop thinking about the hot sex and passionate arousal that these panties will bring to you and your relationship. You’ve been getting very aroused. Although only a few days it feels like forever until one morning you get into work and there it is. Sitting on your desk is a small brown box. Trying to contain your excitement, you quietly place the parcel in your purse and go about your usual work routine. But by now, the racy thoughts are consuming you. You can’t think about anything else than whether these slinky panties will fit or provide the delicious satisfaction you so desire. You wonder how will the bullet feel pressed against your clitoris in complete stealth.

Lunchtime finally arrives. You can’t wait any longer. Full of adrenaline you discreetly slip a pair of scissors into your purse and make your way to the toilet. You proceed to open the parcel using the scissors as quietly as possible and Wow! You are instantly turned on by how soft the bullet vibrator feels and how gorgeous the panties look. So you quietly slide your panties down your legs, noticing how incredibly wet you already are and slide up the new Crotchless ones. You pop the included AAA batteries into the bullet vibrator and place it into the pocket inside the panties and make your way back to your desk after neatly stashing everything away into your purse again.

Now sitting at your desk wickedly wild fantasies start racing through your head. It’s an agonising few hours until it’s finally time to go home. As you get in your car, you burst out into a giggle of relief as you press the wireless remote-control button to turn on the vibrations in your pants. Immediately you feel an intensely satisfying rush flood your body. The bullet is perfect! It’s even quiet enough to have it vibrating against your clitoris anywhere at any time with no one ever knowing your naughty little secret. You are now incredibly turned on. You can’t help but press the intensity button for even stronger vibrations. “Oh, my!” – You softly whisper as you feel yourself getting more and more turned on. Since your car windows are tinted and you are much too aroused to drive, you flip your seat back and set the intensities even higher. You are now squirming and quivering in your car seat and begin to moan first gently than louder. You now turn the vibrations up to the highest setting and with one gasp of air you feel an intense rush of pleasure release as your body starts to shake and you have a breathtaking orgasm that feels bewitchingly tantalising. An orgasm at the highest notes of possibilities.

After a few minutes, you regain your composure and make your way home. Once at home you have a shower and quickly wash the crotchless panties before slipping them back up your legs into place for round 2. 

Your partner arrives which by then you’ve already put candlelight on and are eagerly awaiting to try these naughty panties during sex. Your partner slightly confused at first but pleasantly surprised is turned on almost instantaneously by your sexy mood setting and a mischievous sparkle in your eyes. As you make your way to the bedroom, you can’t wait to take your partners clothes off and like an animal rip them off. After some foreplay, you reveal your secret, which he finds highly arousing. You give him the remote and start to insert his hard cock through the crotchless opening and as the vibrating bullet springs into action you are so turned on and have intensely passionate loving sex. As your partner gets closer to orgasm, he turns the bullet up to full blast, and you both have a profoundly titillating simultaneous orgasm like never before.


Fantasy For Her

Fantasy for her is a brand of clitoris pleasing clitoral stimulating sex toys manufactured by pipedream. The brand creates some of the most ingenious sex toys for women, giving the user incredible orgasmic climax release over and over again.Some of the Fantasy for Her branded high-quality products stocked by friller for your pleasure:
  • Vibrating Panties
  • Bullet Vibrators
  • Clitoral Stimulators
  • Clitoris Vibrators

Vibrating Panties






Fantasy For Her


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Key Features
  • Sexy crotchless vibrating panties
  • Comes with a multifunction powerfully vibrating bullet vibrator
  • Wireless remotely controllable vibrations
  • Purpose-built in a panty pocket holds bullet vibe securely in place against your clit
  • Made from body safe and skin friendly polyester, elastic and ABS plastic
  • Powered by 2 AAA and 1 AG13 battery both included
  • Panties are designed to fit most waists
  • Polyester
  • Elastic
  • ABS Plastic


  • Item Width: 13 in. - ( 33 cm )
  • Item Height: 7 in. - ( 17.8 cm )
  • Item Weight: 0.5 oz. ( 14 grams )

Panties will fit most waists:

  • US: 30"-42" (sizes 4-16)
  • EU: 76 cm - 107 cm (sizes 36-46)


  • Item Length: 3 in. - ( 7.6 cm )
  • Item Width: 0.75 in. - ( 1.8 cm )
  • Item Weight: 0.5 oz. ( 14 grams )
  • 2 AAA (Included)
  • 3 LR44 / AG13 (1.5V) (Included)
  • Use together with splashes of your favourite lube at your leisure.
  • Clean with any of our sex toy cleaning sprays and warm water or use mild soap and warm water.
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