Mosquito Zappers Insect Killing Lamps

Author: Friller   Date Posted:7 November 2017 

Mosquito Zappers Insect Killing Lamps Mosquito Zappers Insect Killing Lamps


It all seems perfect – until you feel that first itchy mosquito bite...


The bane of many warmer Australian days, mosquitoes and bugs are now completely avoidable -and zappable- with innovative Electric Mosquito & Insect Zappers!


Zap the cares away!

Keep the campsite or outdoor sitting area bug-free with the dynamic new Electric Mosquito & Insect Zapper. With this simple, top-quality item kept near, you won't need to worry about packing the smelly insect repellent or lotion, and can instead zap those pesky insects into oblivion before they hit.

With a soft light to keep the evening mood sultry and an eco-friendly low power consumption, this classic black fly zapper is 220V of power designed to attract and blitz the bugs we have become all-too-accustomed to.​


If the mossie woes often make their way inside the home

The insect zapper is ideal for indoor use, and with a long power cord, it's simple to relocate without any hassle. It is also as lightweight as it is effective, making it ideal to take with you to an event or move with each.

the Electric Mosquito & Insect Zapper is also effective as a standalone, compact product, without the need for dangerous poisons and their accompanying strong insecticide others that can be off-putting for any gathering or group.​


Do you need bug-free coverage for a larger area?

Look no further! the insect zapper is perfectly suited to larger spaces due to its impressive 320 square foot coverage zone. None of the companions will be left to be bitten when you bring this nifty zapper out – and it will also make you everyone's favourite party host when everyone heads home itch-free!


Enjoy exceptional mosquito zapping

It goes without saying, the zapper is to be kept out of reach of children and the inside grill should not be touched by anyone.

Enjoy the warmer weather again with being incredibly affordable and long-lasting new Electric Mosquito & Insect Zapper.