How to choose the perfect push up bra for your shape

Author: FRILLER   Date Posted:16 February 2017 


If you ask a sample of women which item of clothing they swear by for a serious body confidence boost, most would answer the same – a great push up bra.


It can be a gamble though – with so many factors playing in to selecting the ideal bra for your shape, to not only work with – but amplify – your natural curves.


We've answered some commonly asked questions

When it comes to finding the best push up bra, to ensure that there are more thrills and less spills from the newest addition to your intimates drawer.


I've got an ample chest and have heard strapless bras don't offer enough chest, neck and back support. Is this correct?


Many women avoid strapless bras for the primary reason that they don't feel they offer the support women need – and they are wrong! In this day and age, bra technology has evolved to the point where both bras with straps and strapless alternatives offer similar comfort and support levels. The benefits of strapless push up bras are broad, from hiding pesky straps to giving your assets the boost they need.


What can I wear a strapless push up bra with?

Push up bras can be worn under almost anything, and the benefit of opting for a strapless one can only maximise the amount of use you will get from this purchase.
Investing in a great-quality one will see you go from a casual daytime look of a t-shirt or tank top, to a revealing top or dress in the evening. The amount of ways it can be worn are virtually never-ending.


Does Friller have anything in the way of push up bra magic?

Well, yes, in fact we do - Friller's Sexy Silicone Strapless Push Up Bra.  
The bra's incredible, modern features make it virtually undetectable to any onlooker.
Our bra is available in classic black and is strapless, backless and wire-free, with silicone cups for ultimate comfort.

It is absolutely perfect for wear underneath any number of outfits.


  • A strapless dress? Check.

  • A backless gown? Indeed.

  • A revealing top? Of course!


Being front-fastening, it's also super easy to put on – and take off.
It will look like you aren't wearing anything underneath at all, but with the allure of the added “push up” feature. What more could a girl ask for?

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