What is Sexting: Sexting Explained

What is it? How do you turn guys on with it?

Dating these days is a wild and technological world. Whether your 23 or 53 or somewhere in between like me, the lines have indeed been redrawn once or twice. 

Sexting is a way to talk dirty and flirty via text messages. It can be great for a relationship, whether you are just starting out or have long moved into the comfort zone. Sending sexts can keep your beau on his toes, add a little spice to your sex life when you need it, and create an open and inhibition-free sexual platform for you and that special someone.

woman taking a selfie for sexting her guy friend

Snapchats and nudes are definitely part of the newly defined playbook, but it can be terrifying for women to send a sexy picture. Sexting is my favourite tool for making a guy horny as hell while still leaving plenty to the imagination. You can slip into some sexy lingerie but describe it instead. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but one or two sentences can start a whole sexual fantasy with you and him as central characters. 


Many women embrace sexting because it makes them feel free. It releases sexual tension, and it tests the erotic waters with potential partners. If a guy can get you writhing towards orgasm with just his words, imagine what he can do with his body. If your partner is long distance, it might be the closest you can get to the real thing. In that case, remember to keep a sex toy, like a rabbit vibrator, within close reach, so that you can stroke your pleasure points as his erotic words flow in.   


However, a lot of women have inhibitions about sexting. Where to begin? What if the messages don't get him hard? Or, they shut down once he sends that inevitable dick pic. But, don't fear! I am here to guarantee you that it's completely normal to want to be a bad girl sometimes. If you want to share your fantasies, go for it! Sexting is nothing to be ashamed of. It is merely an extension of your sexual identity that should be celebrated and embraced. 


Unlocking the skill of sexting can transform your sex life, no matter what your age, or who you are! So let's get started sending sexy texts that push his buttons too. 




Tell him that he is sexy. Guys like to feel wanted. Knowing that you think he is attractive is a big confidence boost and turn on.


Example sexts

‘I can't stop thinking about how hot you looked last night in that shirt. I wish I got to see you without it.'

‘My friends keep talking about how hot Channum Tating is in Magic Mike. I would much rather see you take your clothes off.


Tell him that he turns you on

Once you have told him you want him, let him know how he makes your body feel.


Example sexts:

‘Just laying here thinking about you and I didn't know it was possible to get this wet.'

'Embarrassing moment today: I was in a meeting and couldn't stop thinking about how much I wanted to ride you. I couldn't concentrate at all.'


Ask a question

This prompts a response. It will force your crush to show interest and to play the game. 


Example sexts

‘I just had the hottest dream about you last night. Want to hear it?'

‘If you could do anything to me, what would you do?'

‘Want to have me for dinner tonight?'


At the end of the day, remember to be creative with your sexts

‘What are you wearing?' is so old-fashioned it may as well be a line from Gone With the Wind. Open with something that is going to trigger a response. From his fingers, and you know where else. If you have props such as handcuffs, tell him. Let real life mingle with fantasy. Sexting is a way to get to know what each other like and want, so when it comes time for actual bedroom play, you will both be more comfortable. 


Guys love receiving dirty messages from women. Chances are he has been hoping for one from you. I don't recommend sending out sexts to your dentist, your boss, and anyone in your phone book who tickles your fancy. However, if you think there is a vibe there with someone, go for it. Why not!?


Remember, you don't need to use explicit language or talk like a porn star. Find a level where you are comfortable and dive in from there. You can always ramp things up as you go.


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