Top 4 Beauty Gadgets 2018

Author: FRILLER   Date Posted:18 April 2018 

Top 4 Beauty Gadgets 2018 Top 4 Beauty Gadgets 2018

1. Threading DIY Hair Removal Tool

Looking for professionally shaped eyebrows?

Don't want to damage your skin?

Pressed for time?

Then this hair removing threader is the tool for you. 

How do you use them?

You hold them like a pair of scissors, exercise the same motion, and let it do all the work for effortless, salon quality results.


2. Blackhead Mask Peel-Off Facial

Sometimes the more you try the worse things appear to breakout. Your skin goes red, puffy and you become more and more frustrated with it all. While over time you can see the results are an improvement, there are still those blackheads that just won't go and the huge effort appears astray.

Fear not!

This black stuff (which feels a little like paint) is gonna help you once and for all. This facial is not a "miracle cure" type flimsy product.

Do it exactly like this. Ignore other advice. It has worked for me, my friends and their friends for years. It just works. 

You start off with using it daily morning and night for about 2 weeks.

You then cut back to once a day at night every 3 days. 

The whole application process takes only minutes.

During the 15min drying time, you are free to do other things.

...and WOW!! The results are just amazing! 

No red face or "reverse effect" time period.

No scares or dangerous and damaging popping of blackhead.

No worries about getting a possible stroke from popping a blackhead or sit.

Clean and glowing skin that is now not only free of blackheads, it's deeply cleansed, pure and radiating with natural beauty.


3. Portable bonnet hair dryer

There's nothing quite like getting your hair done; it doesn't matter how hard you try, it always feels and looks nicer when someone else does it.

Until... The portable hair drying bonnet hair dryer attachment. 

This product is much like a shower cap with an extension.

You simply place the cap over your rollers or wet hair.

Insert your blow dryer into the extension and voila!

Red carpet hairstyles at your fingertips.


4. Eyeliner guide stencil

We've all been in the situation where we need to keep adjusting one eye to match the other, turn into a raccoon, just to end up washing it all off to start again. 

Now, there's a tool for that!

It's like a ruler for your eyelid and will help you create the perfect smoky eye, every time. Simple. Effective. Works.