Slippery. Sexy. Steamy. Sensual.

These are just a few of the words that come to mind when I think about getting naughty in the shower.



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When that special someone sneaks into the bathroom and slips in beside you, it is one of the biggest sexual treats. Who doesn't love fresh, clean skin rubbing together? Long and erotic licks to the body? Water dripping down and making everything well lubricated? Shower sex feels great, smells great, and is just all around awesome. When we are clean, we feel less self-conscious and more ready to experiment with new things.




However, like any sexual experience, it is exhilarating to keep things fresh. That is why I have put together this guide to the steamiest positions for you to try in the shower. Mix things up with these delicious options today.



Roaming Fingers:

Love foreplay?

Well having sex in the shower doesn't mean you have to skip it. Add some lubricant to your already wet palm and give your partner a mind-blowingly smooth hand job. Then, let him slip his fingers inside you while the cascading water runs down your body. When you are both turned on, step it up to the next level.

Standing Doggy:doggy position sex



Admit it.

Being penetrated from behind with your hands pressed up against the tiles feels incredible. This is because you're secured between your partner and the wall, giving him optimal leverage to push inside. Not to mention it is a huge turn on for your partner who gets a great view. Why not increase your arousal, and ask him to reach around and stimulate your clitoris with a waterproof vibe for even more pleasure.



The Belt:

For face to face action

Get your partner to stand tall in front of you and wrap your leg around his waist. You can get him to hold your knee for extra leverage. You will be supported by the wall and his firm hold, as he pulls you close and drives even further inside while passionately kissing you. If you want to experience double penetration sensations, slip a butt plug in at the same time.



Recline and Relax:

Tired of standing up?

If your shower permits, tell him to sit on the floor with his legs outstretched and mount him. From here, you can control the pace, and you will be amazed at the enhanced stimulation as you effortlessly slide back and forth with the assistance of the shower spray.



The Yogi Chair:

Into yoga?

Take advantage of your taut bodies with this delicious pose. A personal favourite. Get him to bend his knees and lean his back against the wall, squatting down into a chair pose. From here, straddle either side of his legs and sit down on his erect penis as you pump up and down. This is the perfect position for him to apply clitoral stimulation with a clitoral suction vibe.



The Strong Man:shower

Submit control!

Become his ragdoll as he picks you up and penetrates you mid-air while you wrap your legs around his waist. Skin tight and deep, this position releases incredible sensations for both partners. When he is getting close to climax, allow him to lower you to the ground and finish him off with your tongue. If he is game, you could even try out a p-spot massager to give him an orgasm he will never forget.



Leg Up:

Want more?

The standing doggy can be heightened to even more intense levels of pleasure by lifting a leg. Get him to hoist up one of your legs as he bends you over. This angle feels absolutely heavenly and reaches right for the g-spot for an explosive climax.



The Flexi Femme:

Guys love a girl who can flex

This one might take a little bit of practice but trust me. It's worth it. Similar to doggy style he will enter you from behind, but rather than rest on the wall, you will drop your head towards the ground and lift one leg in a standing split, resting it against your partner or the side of the shower. From here, he has access to all your pleasure points and can press all your buttons. There's a chance he will be so turned on, he'll want to use a cock ring to prolong his ejaculation.



Getting hot just thinking about it?

It's hard not to feel aroused when you imagine wet and writhing bodies exploring every inch of each other's supple skin. I don't know about you, but I know I have my perfect fantasy evening in the shower planned. Many of Friller's toys are waterproof. All of the sex toys are available on afterpay. So be sure to browse the full range to make the shower even more fun.



And now I’d like to hear from you:

Do you have any questions or comments? Or maybe you have a sexy tip to share that I didn’t include? Do let me know so i can correct or explain anything as needed by leaving a comment below right now.

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