Author: FRILLER   Date Posted:19 October 2016 


Treating psoriasis can be a nightmare, right?

The people suffering from this annoying and a rather hideous condition know what I am talking about!

However, there is help there and I hope to list the top 3 treatments available for psoriasis will do just that.

So, let’s get started to beating this. It is an uphill struggle but please know this, if you keep at it and maintain the treatment that works for you, it will do wonders.


#1 – Chinese herbal medicine cream Yiganerging

This first one is a real goodie compared to most other treatments. It works rapidly, has a little bit of a strong smell to it, however, it works! You can stop the uncomfortable symptoms of psoriasis, like itchiness, burning or painful sensation on the skin. A Chinese herbal cream that works. It is so powerful, that can not only help you treat psoriasis but other skin concerns too; simply and effectively. Your skin’s best friend! Make sure you do not use too much (a little goes a long way here.) So simply apply it and it works almost instantaneously. After 1 day, the red spots disappear and your skin is left cured. You can buy it right on our website here Chinese herbal medicine cream yiganerging and is a low-cost, convenient way of treating your condition. The only downside is it needs to be used daily. The benefits, however, are well worth the daily application.


#2 – Biologics (IV injection) Treatment

Second treatment in line is injections. Self or otherwise. Biologics or biologic drugs as they are sometimes referred to, are a type of treatment that has been used for almost 100+ years for treatment of psoriasis. The protein-based drug, however, impacts the entire immune system and is somewhat invasive and cumbersome to use and maintain. Again, with this treatment, you will need to maintain the injections etc. You cannot just buy them; you need to see a GP of course and get a diagnosis and treatment (usually the one the GP will recommend). So, it’s an option that works well but it’s not for everyone.


Are you suffering from psoriasis? You’ve tried everything and still no results? Truth is, that psoriasis is an extremely overwhelming skin condition for whoever must deal with it. Generally, it is caused by the weakened immune system. The more frustrated you get, the more you’re causing your skin to react and the problem is getting even worse. With so many products in the market, it’s easy to get confused and make the wrong choices.


#3 – Systemic Medications

These are prescription drugs that work well. They can be Acitretin, Methotrexate or Cyclosporine (most common drug name for the systemic treatment option). These medications are usually used for moderate to severe psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. If you are suffering and your doctor recommends these, give them a go! I think with psoriasis one learns quickly that we are not all made equal and that we need to test a few treatments and solutions to find the one that works best for both us, our lifestyle and our budget.

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