5 Reasons to Install an LED Shower Head

Author: FRILLER   Date Posted:14 December 2016 

5 Reasons to Install an LED Shower Head 5 Reasons to Install an LED Shower Head

Just like you want the latest smartphone, you also want what's all the rage in the shower, right?

But even if riding the wave of the latest technology trends is not your thing, there are still plenty of other reasons to install an LED shower head. If your old shower head is not performing well or is dated, or you're looking to renovate your bathroom with the latest modern accessories, an LED shower head is really something you should consider.


Quite simply, LED is the latest tech when it comes to light

Much more energy efficient than the traditional bulb, LED also lasts longer. And the really great news is that the latest advances in LED technology means it is affordable, safe to use with water and packing all sorts of benefits for a variety of applications.


Not convinced you need an LED showerhead? Here are five reasons to install one today:


1. Installation

Combining electricity, the latest technology and your shower may sound difficult or even dangerous, but it's absolutely not. In fact, installing a LED shower head is no more difficult for the DIYer than a professional. That's because while amazing, trendy LED light is the outcome, it is actually the streaming of the water that supplies the light, so there's no need to connect it to an additional power source or ever worry about changing batteries.


Installation tips:

  • Wash the shower arm and unscrew the old shower head
  • Twist the LED showerhead or hand shower into the conventional connection or hose


2. Trend

Improving your bathroom is one of the easiest ways to boost your lifestyle and the value of your home and investment. Now, you can go beyond those ultra-modern glassy and metallic fixtures and combine the latest in function with amazing LED advancements in shower trendiness.


3. Safety

Some LED shower heads include temperature sensors, alerting the user as to whether or not the temperature is safe. This is particular useful in houses with children who are learning to safely use hot water. And not only that, those children who are difficult to convince to have a shower will now look forward to this daily ordeal!


4. Efficiency

Because the shower head is now a source of light without having to be connected to the mains, your power bills will be smaller and it's an easy contribution you can make in the fight against climate change. And the fact that the light source is so close to the user will make showering all the more easier.


5. Health

The link between colour and health is well established by science, with light known to have a beneficial effect on your mood. This is particularly the case in LED shower heads that have customisable or changeable colours, where you can research and set the colours that work best for you and your desired outcome.


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