Friller announce exciting new Mini Octopus Tripod for Smartphones

Author: FRILLER   Date Posted:26 March 2017 

Friller announce exciting new Mini Octopus Tripod for Smartphones Friller announce exciting new Mini Octopus Tripod for Smartphones

The new Mini Octopus Tripod: more fun, more flexible, and fundamental to great smartphone snaps

South Australia, March 21st, 2017: Friller, Australia's premier online shopping site for a variety of products, have announced their exciting new product, the Mini Octopus Tripod for smartphones. 

An innovative new and improved release, the accessory is set to help aspiring and amateur photographers everywhere utilise their smartphone's camera capabilities to their best. Improvements include more flexibility, more stability and a more hard-wearing tripod overall, so users can take the Mini Octopus wherever they fancy - such as filming that mountain bike jump or getting that perfect still shot that hands can sometimes be too shaky to handle. 

Friller's Mini Octopus is a convenient solution for more professional-looking photos. Large tripods can be rigid to position, awkward to handle, and sometimes impossible to transport. This tripod eliminates all these issues, as with a height of just 12cm, it's easy to fit into a backpack and get on your way. 

The Mini Octopus Tripod is also excellent in the home; for example, it makes it easy to have video calls with your family without clumsily propping your device up. Users can also benefit from the tripod to read things like recipes on their phone while cooking, ensuring no food gets near their device, or if travelling, kids can hook the "tentacles" of the Octopus around the headrest/seat in front so they can watch something until it's arrival time. 

The tripod is perfect for Android and iOS devices, with a 360-degree swivel head and a universal screw top. This makes it the ideal gift for everyone, as there will be no issues with compatibility or latest models - the Octopus is designed for all. 

Mr Spate, Managing Director of Friller, said "we are delighted to announce the newest version of our ever-popular Mini Octopus Tripod. It is more bendable than ever before, making it incredibly easy to use and an extremely useful accessory. Even if you don't consider yourself tech-savvy, the Mini Octopus allows you to take more stable, better angled and better quality photos on your mobile phone. Plus, its portability ensures that you can take it on all your adventures, so it doesn't matter when you need a tripod - with the Mini Octopus, you can always have one with you, ready for use." 

The Mini Octopus Tripod is available for $15.95 from

Friller is Australia's online shopping portal for a vast range of products, from electronics and homeware to jewellery, clothes and more. They have an extensive selection of mobile phone accessories forming only a small part of their gadget collection that are designed to help smartphone users get the best from their device. 

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