How to remove blackheads

Author: FRILLER   Date Posted:30 March 2017 

How to remove blackheads How to remove blackheads

Blackheads are a common occurrence in most people. The skin is the human body’s largest organ and due to external factors such as dirt and dust or even dead skin, the skin (particularly on the face) is extremely volatile to blocked pores. Medically termed as open comedones, blackheads are comparable to pimples and acne, they just don’t have a bulging layer of skin covering them. The biggest nuance of removing blackheads is the external (and sometimes permanent) damage the process can have on the affected pore and surrounding skin. Squeezing blackheads with fingers may seem like a simple and quick fix, but this process leaves the skin open to a range of future marks, scars, and inflammation. The key to blackhead treatment is to use professional blackhead removal products and to ensure that the blackhead is removed in its entirety. Adopting a regular and proper skin care routine will assist in eliminating future pore issues.


Blackhead Mask Australia

Removing deep blackheads can be difficult. Blackhead removal masks are a popular and non-evasive method. Blackhead masks work by soaking excess skin oils and cleansing them. Clay and mud blackhead removal masks are ideal for individuals who have oily skin or larger pores. Using a professional blackhead removal mask such as the AFY Blackhead Face Mask (available at has numerous benefits:


Unblocking pores

Blackheads appear when external elements become trapped in skin pores. Face masks or face peels can help to eliminate them without damaging the surrounding skin or enlarging the affected pore.


Cleansing properties

Blackhead removal masks have cleansing ingredients that not only remove the pesky blackhead but also nourish the skin.


Blackhead peel off mask

Another popular method of removing blackheads is using a blackhead removal peel. The peel-off masks are a guaranteed quick fix to target and remove a large area of blackheads from the face or skin. The Friller Blackhead Removal Peel Off Face mask is a premium quality face mask that leaves the skin feeling smooth and youthful and blackhead free. Peel off masks have numerous benefits:


Balancing skin issues

Peel off masks are usually derived from vitamins or natural substance extract. Applying them helps to balance the antioxidants of the skin in the targeted area.


They remove dead skin cells and assist pigmentation – evenly

If a professional blackhead removal peel is applied correctly, the skin will appear even and more youthful. Using one regularly can reduce uneven lines or wrinkles (if the peel contains vitamins).


Hair control

With limited pain, a blackhead removal mask will also pull away all that unwanted fuzz. Consider it a free and even wax, without the pain. There are countless methods and products available for blackhead removal, but it is vital that the best and most professional way is always chosen to prevent future breakouts. Visit for the most effective blackhead removal products.

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