Most activities in life need the right tools and this is especially true for sex. Whether you need to have fun with others or on your own, the correct sex toy can help you intensify pleasure, reintroduce sexual interest and liven up your bedroom experiences. However, it is vital to know what you like before spending your cash on a pricey sex toy.


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1* Listen to your body and how it responds 


  • Clitoral stimulation

Vibrators come in many varieties. There are vibrating wands and bullets that are ideal for external stimulation of the clitoris. If you are ultra sensitive, you can opt for toys that will stimulate your clitoris via air and pulsation.


  • Penetrative stimulation

If you want penetration and stimulation from inside out, dildos and classic vibrators are your ideal choice. There are G-spot specific vibrators and dildos that are ‘real-feel’ and more designed to reach the G-spot.


  • Both clitoral and vaginal

If you love the best of both worlds, then rabbit-style vibrators are the best toy for you. They have both an external clitoral stimulator and vibrating penetrative component. Be sure to choose a dual stimulator that has a clitoral stimulator that works for you and your body such as the we vibe sync available here at Friller.




2* Check the details


When you've seen a sex toy you like, you need to check the details on the product page.


  • How it measures up

You need to check out the size of the toy and if it will be a comfortable fit. You need to understand that the more vital thing is the insertable length and the circumference.


  • How it feels

A toy may be very flexible but look rigid in the product picture. Check out the material specification and whether it is an underwater play-submersible toy. These ones are easy to keep clean.


  • Speed and power

Make sure to look at the exact types of vibration that are in the store. Also, ensure that you check what type of power supply the toy takes and what batteries are needed for the sex toy. This can also help you determine how powerful a vibration you'll achieve.


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3* Discretion and accessibility


  • Before you commit to buying an adult toy

You should consider if you will be travelling with your toy and where you will store it, especially if you are living with nosy family members. You also should consider if you have wrist issues that will make it difficult to hold the toy for long periods of time.



4* Materials


  • Selecting the right material

You need to consider what material will work best for you and your sex toy. The material plays an important role in how you use or care for your toy. If you want something flexible and soft, get a silicone one, TPR or TPE. If you want something firmer, then choose sex toys made from glass and plastic.


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5* The Fun Part - Shopping & Enjoying


  • Purchasing and exploring

If you've made up your mind on the adult toy you'd like to purchase, visit our store's sex toys section with afterpay available so you can shop now, get now, pay in 4. Interest-free! So, what's stopping you? Choose to AfterPay sex toys and buy now pay later. See for yourself how powerful a sexual experience can become in buying the perfect toy that's right for you.

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