Bathroom décor: a forgotten love story

Author: Friller   Date Posted:25 October 2017 

Bathroom décor: a forgotten love story Bathroom décor: a forgotten love story

The bathroom can be a neglected space decor-wise, and not often one you associate with regularly updating and refreshing its look, like with other areas of your home that you are so proud of.


What many people don't realise

Is that this relatively small space is actually one of the few that are not only small enough to change-up on a whim and compact enough that even minor changes can seem significant.

That's why, we've put our interior designer's hats on and bought you some tips and tricks that offer the most prominent “wow factor”, for a fraction of the price.


Turn your shower into a luxurious oasis

Whether you shower once a day or more, the shower is a space where you can soap your cares away, pamper yourself with your favourite hair and skin products, and sing to your heart's content!

Escape the world for a while and create the shower of your dreams with an innovative, sophisticated and water-saving Rainshower solution.


Complete with a relaxing, rainforest-inspired rainfall shower effect

This shower head is easy to connect to your wall or ceiling (with a ½ inch fixed rotatable-type connection) and makes for the ultimate in understated glamour and luxury – instantly transforming your entire bathroom space into a better version of itself.

For those with a little less shower space to sacrifice, the rain shower head in perhaps an 8-inch variation will suit perfectly – again, thinking of space, cost and ease of installation!


Make your guests oh-so-envious

Made from high-quality chrome brass plated materials, and with a glossy chrome surface finish, your house guests will be fooled into thinking you spent an absolute fortune on this new addition to your shower. Shhh! At an incredibly low price, it's easy to add luxe touches to your home – without the price tag.

Whether you like your shower hot and steamy or cool and calming, the Chrome Rain Shower Head is a must-have purchase that you will be sure to enjoy in your bathroom every day.