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Human beings started to play with artificial light thousands of years ago. The first oil lamps date back to 4500BC, Thomas Edison showed off his first light bulb in 1879, and lighting technology continues to race ahead in 2017.


The cutting edge of today's light technology is LED, and this light-emitting diode magic is almost everywhere: from torches to LED Strip Lights. The applications are endless and even colourful, and safe.



Not convinced you should give LED a go?


At Friller, we want you to have all the information so you can make up your own mind:



1. Efficient


A regular light bulb will waste almost all of its electrical energy generating light - the rest is lost as heat. However, the ratio of light to waste with LED technology is almost exactly the opposite, which means smaller bills, cooler rooms and safe-to-touch lights.



2. Long lasting


While standard lights will eventually burn out, LED lights just keep on going and going. How long, exactly? Well, a standard LED light can be expected to last for at least 80,000 hours, which is almost 10 times longer than normal light technology.



3. Durable


A standard light uses a filament, which is easy to break, blow or damage. LED, on the other hand, is fundamentally simpler and much harder to damage, making them perfect for applications with a lot of movement and vibration.



4. Small

LED technology can be shrunk smaller and smaller and smaller, all the way down to just 2mm or less. That makes it an incredibly versatile technology indeed.



5. Fast


Standard lights flicker, fade and take time to get up to full brightness - but that is not the case with LED. As soon as you flick it on, it is instantly light - exactly at the brightness you need.



6. Safe


LED is powerful, but the voltage is actually low, making it safe to handle and even safe in certain water-oriented situations, such as a cool, glowing and colour-changing LED hand showers.



7. 'Green'


Yes, you can get your LED light in green, but we're actually talking about the environmentally-friendly credentials. No mercury, harmful gases or rays are emitted, while the carbon put into the atmosphere is 70% lower than a normal incandescent bulb.


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