3 ways to get creative with our phone tripod range

Author: FRILLER   Date Posted:9 February 2017 

3 ways to get creative with our phone tripod range 3 ways to get creative with our phone tripod range


Technology-wise, it's a great time to be alive 


We have smartphones and snazzy laptops at our fingertips at all times, making it a breeze to connect with the world anywhere and at any time.
People are constantly “connected” on the go, but even with the hi-tech phones out there, there's one thing that you still may need – a tripod.

Tripods work to stabilise a phone or camera when capturing a photo or even video, and our nifty Octopus Tripod is lightweight, flexible and portable enough to take with you wherever you go.



So just what can you do with your new purchase?



Capture those family moments (with no need for a selfie!)


Getting the whole family in a shot can be tough work without a tripod. The person who draws the short straw of taking the photo will almost always miss out – unless it's a badly-framed “selfie” taken from up high. The Octopus holders make framing those perfect family snaps on your phone oh-so-easy – so that nobody has to miss out!



Become a budding nature photographer


Whether it's a serene beach setting, a beautiful sunset or a snap of local flora and fauna, sometimes it can be a tricky task to keep your phone camera still, focused and centred long enough to take the photo you are after.

With the Mini Octopus Tripod, blurry or unimpressive nature shots are a thing of the past. Simply screw your smartphone of choice into this handy device, position and say cheese!



Join the YouTube community


It seems like every man and his dog has a YouTube channel these days. YouTube is a place where a small idea can become a successful avenue for anyone with the right drive and ambition.

If you are just starting out in the online video sphere, and all you have is your smartphone – don't fret. Big, expensive cameras can often produce the same effect as your very own phone camera.

Simply position your Mini Octopus Tripod on your desk or flat surface of choice, fasten your phone to it, hit record and go for it!


Whether you have needed a tripod for an iPhone or Android phone, or any number of smartphone models, the Octopus aluminium mini tripod stand is the answer to your creative calling!



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