3 on-trend ways to wear leggings any time, anywhere

Author: FRILLER   Date Posted:30 November 2017 

3 on-trend ways to wear leggings any time, anywhere 3 on-trend ways to wear leggings any time, anywhere

Leggings are a must-have item every girl needs in her closet. The reasons why this wardrobe staple are so loved after so long are varied – but come down to comfort and versatility.


That's why this week we've listed for you the three best ways to wear leggings. Think of it as your go-to guide to your next look!


On their own

Forget those who say that leggings aren't pants – if Kim Kardashian and other beautiful women can do it and pull it off, anyone can!

Wearing your leggings solo isn't just for those early morning gym and coffee runs. Granted they are on the thicker side, they can easily pass as tight pants or jeggings for a casual day (or night) out – and are oh-so-comfy. You won't even notice you've been wearing them all day and will soon be a convert to the “leggings on their own” club.



Heading out for a day with friends?  

Opt for Friller's fun range of printed women's stretchy leggings or the skinny soft slim leggings, pair with a denim jacket and comfy ballerina flats and you're off!


As a winter essential

As summer nears to a close and the cooler months beckon, you are probably thinking about all the warm winter woollies you need to replenish your wardrobe. Scarves, coats, gloves, boots. Winter is a divine time for fashion fanatics.


Why not take the plunge into this trend and try the Friller warm knitted leggings? They are comprised of a super-thick cashmere/polyester mix lining that is so fleecy and warm, they will keep you toasty all day. Pair with a cute duffel coat knit beanie and knee-high boots for a polished, fashionable winter look.


On a wild night out

Leggings are a sure-fire way to make any lady feel sexy and confident, so it makes sense that wearing leggings for a big night out is a must-try. Try out our daring wet look leggings or the always-fashionable black skinny faux leather leggings. Pair these bad boys (or girls) with your sexiest glam top and glitzy high heels for a Hollywood look. Don't forget to take a tonne of photos to remember how fab you looked!


Friller's range of gorgeous women's leggings are not only mostly one size fits all (see measurements on each product page), but affordable, high-quality and versatile as well.

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