3 quick and easy ways to get that 'NO MAKEUP LOOK'

Author: FRILLER   Date Posted:29 November 2017 

3 quick and easy ways to get that 'NO MAKEUP LOOK' 3 quick and easy ways to get that 'NO MAKEUP LOOK'

It's already heading towards the end of 2017, which means you're now thinking hard about what's going to be 'in' in 2018 in the world of makeup. Well, luckily for those who don't wear makeup at all, a beautiful, all-natural look is the latest and greatest makeup trend.


But if you just love applying makeup before heading out the front door, don't despair quite yet. That's because here at Friller we believe there are definitely some ways to use certain techniques, products and even makeup to achieve an even more beautiful 'no makeup' look!


Let's explore:

1. Look after your skin


The easiest way to do this is to be healthy in the first place - so make sure drinking lots and lots of water is one of your absolute daily tasks. Then, wash diligently and fend off those wrinkles with a great anti-ageing and moisturising routine, and get a healthy dose of Vitamin D, but don't hurt your skin with too much sun exposure.



2. Skip the foundation


As we've suggested, a heavy foundation is not a necessity in 2018, even though lots of people still love it - and that's ok. But at Friller, we believe a great alternative for 2018 is a primer you can wear without makeup.


A really good option is a foundation primer available here, which you can also use as a primer to wear under your normal makeup. However, it can be worn without makeup because incredible blurring technology means those visible pores will be... invisible!



3. Fake a natural look

The 'no makeup' trend is so big because it's a realisation that, when it comes to your beauty, nature knows best. Embrace the idea that your natural tones are better than anything 'unnatural', so work with the palette you already have.


Use a really great and extensive 15 colours concealer palette to cover up your blemishes, lines and wrinkles, with the added benefit of holding those essential, natural oils in place for the day.


Then, choose some shades that match your face when it's really beaming at its brightest - like if you had gently exercised for 15 minutes. Another great hint of this 'blush' look is to emulate your lip tone.


These are just three quick and easy ways to start targeting that beautiful, natural, 'no makeup' look for 2018.

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